Apply for Pinterest Creator Fund application [2024]

Pinterest is being used by millions today and every day people come up with new posts and ideas. A lot of content circumscribing every topic is already there in it. It is just like another search engine where you can get information on almost any and every topic.

You can actually create an account with Pinterest and start loading your ideas and saving others on your boards. Now, Pinterest seems to work slightly differently. Whatever you save goes to special boards and you get to create either a personal or a business account with them.

Off late people are monetizing their Pinterest accounts and apart from using the standard techniques, what’s more, interesting is that Pinterest is itself rolling down some programs whereby creators are getting a chance to earn from it.

One such program is the Pinterest Creator Fund and other programs worth mentioning are the ones created by tagging along with major investors in the market.

What is the Pinterest creator fund?

Pinterest Creator Fund has rolled the dice in the court of the US creators. Anyone with US citizenship can use the Pinterest Creator Fund to earn money. Out of the five segments in the account, the fifth one being the Earn tab, creators will need to meet certain goals, and those accounts which meet them will receive a payout straight from Pinterest. Fund creators recorded 72% more monthly views and 2.9x times more idea impressions than normal.

Alternately Pinterest in the United Kingdom recently organized a program for promoting and facilitating the LGBTQIA+ creators in the health and beauty segment. The program was open from 06th June to 19th June, as a 4-week program basically. The program was quite similar to the one organized in the United States in combination with L’Oréal in the month of March. All these programs brought to their platter a chance to earn money.

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How to Apply for Pinterest creator fund Application?

Pinterest creator fund applications are no longer active but here is what you must know about the application process.

To apply for the Pinterest Creator Fund, you will need to enter your personal and professional details alongside your ideas and views about Pinterest. You would also need to share why you want to join the Pinterest Creator program.

You also need to confirm that you fulfill all their requirements and that you are ready to create your best ideas together.

Subscribe to their newsletter to find more information about future opportunities.

pinterest creator fund

What are the application requirements?

Application requirements for the Pinterest creator fund include;

  1. You will need to have 250 followers minimum in your Pinterest account.
  2. Your previous month’s posts should have at least 150 saves.
  3. Every month any and every contributor needs to work out three pins a month.

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Who is Eligible for Pinterest Creator Fund?

You will be eligible to participate if you fulfill these criteria.

  1. The Pinterest Creator Fund account is available to only US citizens. However, some other fund programs are also available to UK netizens also.
  2. Provision of US citizenship proof is essential to start earning from the fund.
  3. Those who apply must be more than 18 years old.
  4. To be able to take advantage of the Pinterest creator fund, you need to be a regular Pinterest user.


The Creator Fund promised money to the creators who participated. Apart from that, you receive a lot of exposure as a creator.

Some other programs bring more to a creator’s plate.

  1. Like-minded creators can gather around the table and discuss their business more often with the help of this exposure that they receive from the Creator program.
  2. One-on-one mentoring is possible with them.
  3. You get a chance to listen to some of the industry experts.
  4. Some programs offer a cash grant prize like the last US program organized with L’Oréal paid off a $20,000 money grant and so is promised for the one happening for the UK creators.
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Some creators through the creator fund have made almost $900 in a month with some earning more from it.

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Can you join Pinterest creator fund?

Yes, you can join it if you are a US citizen, more than 18 years old, and also using Pinterest regularly.

Can you make money on Pinterest creator fund?

Yes, you can make money from the Pinterest Creator Fund by completing the goals set for a month for the creators by Pinterest. If you fulfill it, you will have to send it to them and they will compare it with their parameters. If you meet it, you can receive a payment from them.


Here’s all about the Pinterest Creator Fund for those who want to make some extra bucks from their Pinterest account. If you wish to make money, read this blog for the requirements and other details. Of course, requirements might change from one creator program to another as each program might be aimed at a different set of contributors. But, you can always get your basics right from this article.

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