How to Apply for TSA PreCheck Application?

TSA is a program that was initiated in the year 2013. In this program, approximately 200 US airports are covered in which a person can travel in any of the 81 participating airlines. For this program, a person has to pre-register by applying online or can choose to go to any of the centers. Around 400 centers are there nationwide that proffer this service. To get approved, a person needs to submit the required documents, and fingerprints are also scanned for this. 

Along with the application, a fee of $85 is also submitted. Generally, in just four to six days the application for the TSA gets approved but there are cases when the application may take more time and can also extend to approximately 60 days. When the application gets approved a person receives a KTN number that is printed on the boarding pass. This is an efficient security system and also plunges the time of the traveler. A person does not have to remove belts, laptops, or any liquid gel from the handbag.

What is TSA PreCheck?

The US government has begun this TSA precheck program for applicants who do not want to get in a long queue for the security checks(screening) at airports. With this pre-approved program, travelers get a privilege and they do not need to remove any metal item such as a belt, wallet, and anything else.

A person can also keep their laptop in the case and there is no requirement to empty the complaint bag that contains liquids, gels, or any bottle like mouthwash.

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How to apply for pre tsa application

What does pre-approved TSA mean?

TSA pre-approved is a program that allows travelers to pass the security check quickly. With this pre-approved TSA, the security check process can be finished in just 5 to 10 minutes. A person can choose both in-person and online ways to get qualified for the application. 

When a person is qualified for the TSA application, then there is no need to get off the shoes, belts, any jacket, 3-1-1 compliant bag, and also laptop from the handbag. This is a better and faster way for a passenger. With this, the passenger can speed up the process of security checks as they are one of the verified travelers. 

How do you know if you are TSA pre-approved?

In most cases, an applicant gets a KTN that is a Known Traveller Number in around three to six days. Some applications might take more time and extend up to 60 days. In all that cases it is better to see the application status by phone, text, or can also check email. 

How to Apply for Pre-TSA Application?

An applicant can apply for TSA PreCheck application by following these straightforward steps. These are as follows:

  • Firstly, visit the official page of the TSA application. 
  • To get enrolled for the application, there are two options a person can choose any. The applicant can visit in person or can also select the option of an online appointment.
tsa pre check application
  • The applicant should be personally at the center to give documents and also fingerprints. 
  • A person has to pay an amount of $85. This covers the charges for the background check.
  • When the application gets approved, then most people receive a KTN( Known Traveler Number) in just four to six days. The maximum time period that can be taken for the approval of the application is 60 days. 
  • An applicant can also know about the status of the application online. 
  • After enrollment provides the KTN number at the time of making reservations of the airline or at the airline profile. The name on the application should be similar to the one that is used for the booking of air travel. 
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What documents are Required?

There are only some documents that a person should have for the TSA application. These are mentioned below:

  • Legal and valid identity proof from the US is obligatory.
  • The person should have a birth certificate or a driving license along with them.
  • An individual can also use the passport as proof. 


Is TSA PreCheck worth it?

If an individual is a regular traveler and travels around four times a year then pre-TSA is worth it. With the Pre-TSA a person can go from a quick line at the airport.

What do you need for TSA precheck application?

An applicant who wants to get qualified for the TSA precheck application has to bring a valid and legal identity card and also a birth certificate along with them. 

How much does TSA PreCheck cost?

An individual has to pay approximately $85 for the TSA pre-check application. 

When can you apply for TSA precheck?

It takes around 60 days for an application to get approved so a person should apply accordingly. 

How long does it take to get TSA PreCheck?

An applicant can finish the pre-application take in approximately 10 minutes as it does not take much time.

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