How to Reconfirm SASSA SRD Grant Application

Sassa is generally a Social Relief of Distress Grant(SRD) that is operated under section 32 of the Social Assistance Act, 2004 (Act No. 13 of 2004). Ministry of Finance implements the SRD grant. 

The Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD Grant) is for all the candidates who are qualified for the grant that is South African Citizens, Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Special Permit Holders whose age is not under 18 and above 59. All the applicants who do not have many funds, all those who have not received funds on their own or someone else behalf, and all the applicants who are not entitled to UIF payment, and do not have any other source of income. 

A person can apply for the Social Relief of Distress Grant(SRD) by providing certain details that are obligatory such as

  • Details about a person(Personal).
  • Contact details(Mobile Number).
  • Professional details such as Employment information and Lifestyle Sustainability.
  • All major banking details.
  • A declaration that you have studied well all the terms and other essential details.

An individual can apply easily for the Sassa application online. There are 4 ways and a person can select the most convenient way by himself/herself. These are:

  • An applicant can enroll for the SRD Grant by texting on Whatsapp number that is 082 046 8553.
  • Directly from the SRD website a person can apply for the SRD Grant.
  • With Sassa Chatbot, a person can very conveniently apply for the SRD Grant.
reconfirm sassa application

How to Reconfirm SASSA SRD Grant application?

It is necessary to reconfirm the Sassa application every three months. By doing so, a person lets the Sassa know that you still require and are entitled to the grant with terms of the regulations.

  • To begin with, check the SRD website or open a portal to see reconfirm the Sassa SRD grant application.
  • Further, keep on scrolling and tap on reconfirm your grant application.
  • Now, a yellow tap tells you to click to reconfirm your existing application.
  • Next, add the contact details and the ID number.
  • Moving ahead, tap on “SMS” to get an OTP  on the number that you enlist.
  • Additionally, add the OTP and tap on verify pin.
  • At last, follow all the vital steps before the final submission of the application.
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Who is Eligible?

A person who accomplishes all the points that are given below is entitled to the Sassa application.

  • The age group that can register for the Sasa application is in the middle of 18 and 60.
  • The candidate should be unemployed.
  • The applicant should be a citizen of South Africa.
  •  A person who has not received any coronavirus response support.
  • Not a beneficiary of any social grant.
  • The applicant should be a registered refugee or must have a verified permanent residence.
  • A special permit is required under Zimbabwe exemption permit dispensation, Lesotho exemption permit dispensation, and special Angolan dispensation.
  • The applicant should be an indweller of South Africa.
  • No advantage of any employment insurance benefit.

What are Application Requirements?

There are several application requirements that assist a person to get enroll in the Sassa application. Let’s dive:

  • Location details where the person is residing are to be shared.
  • All the contact details where the employer can contact.
  • As per the official identity card, name and surname are to be provided.
  • Provide details like gender and disability
  • A unique identity number or a permit number is issued by the Department of Home Affairs.

How to check and reconfirm Sassa’s application status?

A person can see the application status and also can reconfirm Sassa’s application status the in just a few simple steps.

  • Firstly, visit the Sassa application status portal.
  • Now, add your phone number and application number.
  • After scrutinizing the information, tap on “Submit”

In case a person has applied for the Sassa application three months back, then it is essential for the person to reconfirm the Sassa SRD grant application.

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Can you apply for SASSA application online?

A person can apply online for the Sassa application. An individual can use an online portal or can Whatsapp to process the application.

Is SASSA taking new applications?

Currently, the company is not taking any new applications. Applicants can visit the career page of Sassa to check the current vacancy.

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