How is rent calculated for low-income housing? (Quick Guide)

People who pay rent for their housing need to know how their rent calculation is done. Knowing the way your rent amount is calculated will mostly equip you with the right knowledge.

In this article, we will provide you with the way low-income housing can be calculated.

How is rent for low-income housing normally calculated?

What we know is that tenants pay a part of their annual and monthly income as rent to the house owner. Normally, rent amounts are increased every year, and certain other changes are considered by the owner towards the tenant from one year to another. But those housing units that participate in low-income housing options have to stick to a certain rent amount and also will need to participate in the low-income housing programs aimed at providing rental support to the tenants.

This is how the normal rent is calculated for a rental unit.

  • The first point they would consider when fixing the house rent is the anticipated income amount that you’d get in the coming 12 months.
  • There are certain deductions that the housing authority would make from your gross income to arrive at your net income.

Amounts deducted from a person’s earnings will include;

Federal public housingState public housing
Dependent deductions are made ($480 per year).Elderly deductions ($400 every year)
Elderly deductions are also made ($400 every year).Disability deductions (travel expenses and non-reimbursable payments)
Medical amounts are deducted (unreimbursed medical expenses that amount to 3% of your annual income).Family deductions ($300 for each adult with an income and an under-18 child )
The cost of child care (for children under the age of 13) is deducted.Heat and energy expenditures (tenants paying for heat)
Disability related expenditures ($480 every year)Medical related deductions (3% of gross household income)
 Child and family care related amounts are deducted (care of sick and incapacitated children must be included).
 Separated or divorced spouse’s support (alimony amount)
 Education related deductions (tuition and fees)
  • Your annual adjusted income will be your net income minus all of these.
  • If your net income is $1000, then 30% of it will be the rent amount you need to pay, which will be $300. If you live in a rent restricted house or survive on public housing vouchers, you will have a co-payment made by the public housing authorities, which will be 70% of your rent.
  • For federal public housing, your rent amount can either be 30% of your net income or 10% of your annual income.
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In state-housing, the rent will be calculated slightly differently.

  1. Elderly people paying their utilities will have to pay 25% of the rent amount, and those not paying the utilities will need to pay 30% of the rent amount.
  2. For family public housing, those who do not pay the utilities will need to pay 32% of the rent; if you pay some of your utilities but not all of them, your rent amount will be 30%; if you pay all of your utilities, you will pay 25% of your rent amount.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is used for the calculation of the rent amount by the Federal Housing Authority—gross income or net income?

It is the gross income that is used for calculating the eligibility assistance for individuals applying for rental support. But then they will calculate your net income based on the different deductions they need to make on their end.

What is the adjusted monthly income?

This is how you calculate it:

Total income – (income exclusions +mandatory deductions) / 12

The above formulae stand for the adjusted monthly income.

How much rent will Section 8 housing pay?

It will be the lesser of the two payment standards in addition to the 30% monthly contribution by the tenants. It could also be the gross rent of the unit after subtracting the 30% of the monthly adjusted earnings spent as rent by the tenant.


The rent calculated for low-income housing is not that difficult given that you know what all they will deduct from your total earnings and what you give off for the major tasks of your household. For federal housing units, you will need to pay, on average, 30% of the rent amount from your pocket. But there are other affordable housing services or free services where you will end up paying way less than the state or federal programs. Sometimes, for some programs, you might have to pay more. Also, there are many programs that offer free housing.

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