How to Check School Choice Application Status?

Every child requires a challenging, effective, and motivating education. They have unique interests and talents, so having different education options is essential.

School choice is important for children, so they can easily choose the best learning environment they are interested in studying. In this way, students become successful, inspired, and happy.

What is School Choice Application?

School choice allows every family to pick the K-12 educational options that best fit to children. Every child is different, and their ways of learning are different.

Some children prefer to learn in public schools, whereas others prefer to learn in private institutions. Here the role of school choice application comes in. These choices include different forms of education, from private to public.

On the basis of federal and state laws, school choice programs are the best opportunity for students that help to raise themselves and gain achievement through their knowledge.

How to check school choice application status

How to check the school choice application status?

Parents usually need to contact private schools to check the status of the school choice application. Here is the contact information, by which you can know the status of your application by directly contacting them

  • Private school choice program
  • Toll free 888-245-2732, ext. 3
  • Official website-

You can easily get the private school choice participants at this site and other important details.

How to Check Online?

To check the School Choice application Status Online follow the below-given guide.

Step 1- Open your phone browser to search and then type this on google “School Name + School Choice status”.

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Note:- “School name” is the name of the school that you have applied for.

Step 2- Now tap on one of the relevant results. Make sure you visit the official website of the school.

Step 3- Now Enter your application details and then tap on the “Check Status” button.

Step 4- Alternatively you can directly contact the school for which you have applied and know the status. Just give them the details they ask you and rest they will tell you the status of your school choice application.

How long does the Application Process Take?

Once the application for the program is closed, you can get a notification on your application within one week by mail. So, monitor your email account and check the spam folder to find the response from the school choice.

Make sure you have met all the Eligibility criteria when you have applied. This is because your small mistake can result in application rejection. Here is a quick guide on application requirements.

Who is eligible for school choice application?

The eligibility is based on where the student currently lives when they apply for it. Because there is a need for the student to enter their address and the school district in the application.

According to the place where you live, the school choice decides for which program you are eligible as follows as

  •  Milwaukee parental choice program·        

The students must be residents of Milwaukee city to become eligible for it.

  • Racine parental choice program

The student should live in Racine unified school district to become qualified for the program.

  •  Wisconsin parental choice program

The student should live in Wisconsin but outside of the city of Racine and Milwaukee unified school district.

Who can complete the school choice application for student?

The parents and legal guardians with authority are responsible for completing the school choice application for students and making educational decisions for them.

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If both parents have legal permission to make educational decisions for their student, they decide which parents will complete the application.

A parent includes the student to fill school choice application and must be at least 18 years old when applying.

How does school choice work?

Earlier, the student enrolled in public schools according to which they had to live. The district selects the children’s schools. Here school choice comes into role. It provides the right parents to choose the school for their children according to their choice. 

As the name suggests, it allows parents to choose the best and most interesting school for their children’s elementary and secondary education. With this program, parents can choose the schools for their children according to their interests and choice.


Do you have to apply for school choice every year?

The students can easily apply for the program every year using the online parent application.

Does school choice take money from public schools?

No, it does not take money from public schools. A public school is not able to become a taxpayer for students without teaching them.


To sum it up, the program helps students to access their K-12 education. It permits the public education funds to follow students to services or school that best fits their needs.

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