SCRIE Application 2024 Process Guide – Are you Eligible?

The town of Mamaroneck selects eligible local senior’s citizens of 62 years of age and older who live in apartments regulated by ETPA ( Emergency Tenant Protection Act) to apply for the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption program.

If the tenant is eligible for this program, the tenant is exempted from future rent increases, the guideline, maximum base rent, make fuel costs adjustments. You should read the complete article if you are also interested in applying for an SCRIE application.

What is an SCRIE application?  

SCRIE application

SCRIE applications are used to freeze the rent. It helps eligible senior citizens of age 62 and more by freezing the rent of affordable houses where they currently live.

With the SCRIE application, tenants need to pay the rent the same that they paid before, even if the landlord increases the rent. In this case, the landlord gets the property tax credit that covers the difference between the original and new rent amount. Here are some of the important facts you should know related to the SCRIE.

  • Only senior tenants who live in development or rentals are eligible for SCRIE.
  • You can renew the SCRIE application anytime to keep the same amount of rent in the future.
  • You do not need to file taxes to apply for the SCRIE application

Who is Eligible for SCRIE?

If you want to apply for an SCRIE application to freeze your home rent, you must qualify for the following questions and mark it as “Yes”.

  1. Are you 62 age or older?
  2. Is your name shown on the rent?
  3. Are your combined household income $50000 or less per year?
  4. Do you spend more than 1/3rd of your monthly income on household rent?
  5. Do you reside in NYC in any of the following types of housing?
  • A rent-controlled apartment
  • A rent-stabilized apartment
  • A mitchell lama development
  • A single-room occupancy unit or rent-regulated hotel
  • A redevelopment company development
  •  A limited housing company development
  • A housing development fund company development
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What documents are required for SCRIE application?

After reading the eligibility criteria, you should also know the documents that you are required to add to the SCRIE application form. Here is a copy of the documents you should submit to apply for the SCRIE.

  • You have to provide your age proof.
  • You should provide your residency proof. In this, you must prove the rent you give your current landlord.
  • You should also give your income proof. You must submit proof of your income or your household members’ income who have lived in an apartment for a year before submitting the application.

Keep in your mind that if you are going to apply for an SCRIE application in 2024, you have to give your income information for 2022.

SCRIE Application Process – How to Apply

Once you check the eligibility criteria and know the document requirements, you can easily apply for the application online, by mail, or in person.


If you are going to apply for an SCRIE application for the first time, you must fill out the application form online through the finance department. If you want to take any help regarding the SCRIE application process, you can schedule your virtual appointment with DOF.

By mail

If you decide to apply for an SCRIE by mail, you must take the print of the application form and then fill it out accurately.

  • First, you have to print and complete the initial SCRIE application. You can also call 311 for the application.
  • Then you have to mail your complete form along with essential documents to

Rent freeze program- SCRIE
P.O.BOX 3179
Union, NJ 07083

If you reside in a redevelopment company, development, or Mitchell Lama housing, then you should follow the given application method:

  • First, you have to download the HPD SCRIE application and fill out it
  • Then, you have to email the completed application to [email protected]  or mail it to the given address

100, 7th floor, Gold street
New York, New York, 10038


You can directly apply at the department of finance assistance center. You must book an appointment to visit this center and then apply directly for an SCRIE application from here. You can easily call 311 to book your appointment at the center.

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How to check the SCRIE status?

If you want to check the progress of your SCRIE application and know whether it is on its way to approval, you can easily check the application status by calling 311.

You can also check the application status online by visiting the NYC.GOV website


There are many benefits to applying for an SCRIE application to freeze your rent.

  •  It helps the tenants to save the new rent amount posses by the landlord
  • There is no need to get permission from the landlord to apply for it.
  • Also, tenants do not need to file any tax to apply for SCRIE.


Will the SCRIE program lower your household rent?

No, the SCRIE program does not lower the rent. It only freezes the rent on the rent amount you currently pay your landlord.

Can the landlord refuse your decision to fill SCRIE application?

No, the landlords do not have the right to refuse your decision to fill out the SCRIE application. In fact, you also do not need to get the landlord’s permission to fill SCRIE application.

How does the SCRIE works?

When your SCRIE application is approved, or an order of eligibility is issued, the landlord is given credit towards the New York city real property tax on the building where the tenant lives.


The department of finance of New York City launched the SCRIE program for rent-controlled and rent-stabilized tenants. The SCRIE application allows senior citizens to freeze their rent, even if the landlord increases it.

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