How to check SSDI Application Status? (Quick Guide)

How to check the status of your SSDI application? April month is considered social security month. National social security aims to educate people about social security services and programs available online.

One of the most beneficial social security programs available is SSDI. SSDI is the Social Security Disability Insurance that provides various benefits to a disabled person.

Many people are already filling the applications for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. But they need to learn how to check the status of their SSDI application. If you are also one of them, read the article below to learn how to check the SSDI application status.

How to check the SSDI application status?

ssdi application status

If you want to check the SSDi application status, then here are the simple steps you should follow

  1. First, you have to visit the official SSDI website.
  2. Here you have to click on the sign-in account option.
  3. Sign in to your account by entering the username and password you used earlier to create your social security account.
  4. Once you log in to your account, your SSDI application status shows on your screen.

The status of the SSDI application shows you the following information

  • The social security administration date you received on your application or appeal
  • Schedule hearing time and date
  • Re-entry number for an online appeal or online benefits application that is not submitted
  • Appeal claim or current location, including the office processing address
  • Decisions, if any, made by the social security authority
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Why is my SSDI application taking so long?

The SSDI application is a long-term process. It takes 2 or 3 years to get approved when you submit the SSDI application.

The long SSDI application process becomes frustrating for people unable to work or whose families are suffering to meet their needs.

The SSDI application takes a long time because there are three stages in the application process.

  •  Initial application phase and evaluation
  • Application reconsideration, if it is rejected once
  •  Hearing in front of an authority or judge, if your SSDI application is rejected again after reconsideration


To sum it up, it is easy to log in to your social security account and track the status of your SSDI application if you follow our guide correctly.

What percentage of SSDI applications are approved?

The acceptance rate of SSDI applications is 22% only. It means less than half of the applications for SSDI are approved for availing of SSDI benefits.

Can you cancel the SSDI application?

Yes, you can cancel your SSDI application up to 12 months after the approval of your SSDI benefits. You can easily cancel the SSDI application once and reapply later.

Can you still work if you get SSDI?

Yes, you can return to your work after getting the SSDI benefits. Social security authority has some special rules that allow individuals to work without affecting their benefits.

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