Does Student Loan Forgiveness include Parent PLUS loans?

The student loan forgiveness was announced on 24 August 2022 by Joe Biden and the amount that is to be pardoned amounts to $10,000. The COVID-19 pandemic was a tough time for everybody including students who have loans on their head to solve.

Though it is not a huge amount but it will be an amount for which there will be no need to pay any interest in the future and also the entire sum of $10,000 will be off your head.

does student loan forgiveness include parent plus loans

Does student loan forgiveness include Parent PLUS loans?

Will student loan forgiveness include parent-plus loans? The loan forgiveness program for students isn’t just for students. The good part is that under this scheme, the federal Parent PLUS loans are also forgivable. Lender qualification needs and borrower history play a major role in determining the parent loan forgiveness.

An income-contingent repayment plan or the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program (PSLF) is the type of loans that can be forgiven. When a student has taken loans up to their threshold limit it is then parents can become the parent loan borrowers.

It is an unsubsidized federal direct loan and as they are not a subsidized loan type they keep gathering interest while your child is attending college.

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Will student loan forgiveness include parent-plus loans?

Many are asking this question the answer is Yes, it will undoubtedly include the Parent PLUS loan alongside the Student Loan Forgiveness. All of these parent-plus loans will be forgiven.

Contingent income repaymentsFederal Agency workers
Public Service Loan Forgiveness that is temporarily broadened and expandedMilitary programs allowing forgiveness of loans
Student Loan Forgiveness for state wide employeesStudent loan aid paid by the employers
Refinancing options are prevalent 

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who has taken a loan can be forgiven after they have paid for a certain duration like PSLF you must pay for 10 years.

Similarly, for graduated repayment plans payments have to be made up to 10 years as with standard plans but here, your payments will be increased every two years.

For an extended repayment plan, one must make fixed or graduated paybacks for 25 years.

Parent PLUS Loan Forgiveness Application Requirements

Parents will need to prove their eligibility for the loan forgiveness. Here are some essential application requirements that one must fulfill to get forgiven for the loan.

  1. The credit scores of the parent and the co-signer details need to go into the application for further verification.
  2. Personal details of the parent who took up the loan must also be added like their SSN and income tax return filing details.
  3. A proper address for communication alongwith an email ID and a valid telephone number must also be added.
  4. Include your income details for scrutiny of your eligibility for getting the Parent PLUS loan forgiveness.
  5. Add your loan details and structure for making the loan forgiveness option more apparent.
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How to Apply for Parents PLUS Loan Forgiveness 2022?

To apply for the Parent PLUS loan forgiveness 2022, you will have to wait until the application form is available from the Department of Education. When the application is out, the form-filling process will also be out. You will need to follow it even if you are applying for a Parent PLUS loan forgiveness.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Parent PLUS loans forgiven after 20 years?

Parent PLUS loans are eligible to seek forgiveness.

But it depends on the type of loan forgiveness seeked by the parents in question.

  1. Income contingent repayment: Only after 20 to 25 years loan forgiveness can be asked.
  2. PSLF: After 120 repayments, individuals can seek forgiveness for the loan.
  3. Discharge situations: Anytime post the condition when the discharge situation arises.

Can Parent PLUS loans be forgiven for teachers?

Parent PLUS loans are forgiven for teachers; however, the teachers cannot receive the Teacher Loan Forgiveness and PSLF at the same time.


The Parents PLUS Loan Forgiveness 2022 are a burden on the parents that most happily take to give their children a better future risking their pension and life. Most often children earn and return the loan but when it becomes a burden like it became now after COVID-19 pandemic, loan forgiveness is an option to look up to.

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