How to Know my Student loan is Federal or Private?

Federal loans are the loans that the government funds and gives to the people who qualify for them. These loans are given to the applicants who fulfill the requirements. There are numerous types of federal student loans and before applying make sure that you check the eligibility list of all of them. Let’s see some of the Federal student loans

Direct Subsidized Loans: This loan is usually given to all those applicants who are undergraduates and want funds for their studies. A candidate has to express his/her need for the loan. In this type of loan, no credit check is done. The government even subsidizes the interest period in some cases.

Direct Unsubsidized Loans: This loan is meant for candidates that are undergraduate or graduate. For this loan, an applicant need not have to tell about his desire for the loan. The interest on this loan begins as soon as the amount is transferred to the bank account of the candidate. However, a candidate can choose to non-payment of interest till he/she drops down the half-time enrollment.

Grad PLUS Loans: For the PLUS loan, an applicant does not have to show the requirement of the loan and interest also begins with the disbursement of the loan. This loan is given basically to professional and graduate candidates. 

Parent PLUS Loans: The loan is for parents who want assistance in their child’s under graduation studies. A credit check is obligatory for these loans.

How do I know if my student loans are federal?

Student loan are federal or private

The applicant can check easily whether the loan taken by him is a federal loan or not. For that, the applicant has to visit the National Student Loan Data portal. There are only federal loans listed on the page. The candidate needs to enter some vital information such as the social security number and name. 

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The applicant can even see the actual amount that they were given at the time of the loan and also the amount that they are still left to pay. There will be a number box where you can even check the servicer that has given the loan. 

The tracking process for private loans is a little complicated. In case you are the one who is unsure about the loans that are taken by you. Then, you can go ahead and check the credit report where the scores may tell you anything about the payments that you have not made. 

Is Navient a federal loan or a private loan?

Navient is a private loan. Before 31 December 2021, the Navient loan was a federal loan but now it only provides private student loans from numerous lenders. The Navient came into existence in the year 2014. 

Most of the loans that the student has taken are federal only. There are innumerable ways to examine the loan type.  One is the student aid portal. A candidate can choose to contact the customer care of Navient.

Firstly, the applicant can call the official number of Navient which is 800-722-1300. Moving ahead, the candidate can also send an email to the official id of the company which is Finally, the borrower can even visit the website of Navient and check all the information there. 

To see any essentials on the website or to send any query, the candidate has to tell all the necessary information. For websites, ensure that you know the user ID and the password. Once you have entered the social security number then all the information that you need is displayed on the screen. 

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Are all student loans federal loans?

The answer is partial yes and partially not. The student loans are federal but not all of them. Federal loans are those loans that are administered by the Department of Education (US).

What student loans are federal?

The student loans that are funded by the government are covered in the category of federal loans.

What are the two types of federal student loans?

The two types of federal student loans are:

  • Direct Subsidized Loans/Direct Unsubsidized Loans
  • Direct PLUS Loans

Do you have to pay back federal student loans?

Federal loans generally have low-interest rates and are flexible in nature which is why they are preferred more by students. An individual has to return federal student loans if he/she has taken them.

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