SYEP Program 2024 application Eligibility, Requirements Guide

Do you want to make money, extend your professional network, and return to the community this summer?

Here the important role of SYEP comes. SYEP is a Summer Youth Employment Program, the largest employment program that connects youth between the age of 14 and 24 to several paid opportunities. Read the complete post to learn about the SYEP program, the application process, etc.

What is SYEP Program?


SYEP program is one of the largest employment programs that help the youth to explore different career opportunities. The NYC Department of community and youth development funds the SYEP program.

There are two types of offerings available by SYEP to choose from work-based options or structured work formats. The youth can choose any of the programs from these options to take a shift toward their career.

 In simple terms, the SYEP program is the best program for youth to explore their career and interest pathways, develops their skills, and involve in more learning experiences to develop civic, leadership, and social skills. There are many benefits to applying for SYEP application 2023 for youth. Let us make look at the following benefits of the SYEP program.

  1. Explore the career

The best thing about the SYEP program is that it allows youth to enhance their skills and explore career options based on SYEP program activities.

  1. Project-based learning ways

The candidates can gain a huge knowledge about their careers based on the SYEP program project. In this way, they can involve more and participate in project-based activities.

Through project-based learning ways in the SYEP program, people can take a decision and make a difference in communities based on such activities.

  1. Community building

The important thing among youth is to build a strong community. The more the community is involved with youth, the more they gain knowledge and interest in career pathways.

The SYEP program allows the youth to become active participants in the community and work as active community members.

  1. Work experience

The SYEP offers many benefits to participants to improve their skills and learning experience. With the help of the SYEP program, the youth can find the right career path through their first summer job in top industries.

  1. Earn Money

The SYEP program not only brings an amazing learning experience for youth but also gives them a chance to them to get paid for work for every hour. The SYEP participants get the good paid to work hours according to weeks.

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How to Apply for SYEP 2024 application?

There are step-by-step guides you need to follow to apply for SYEP 2024 application. To fill out the application for the SYEP program, ensure to have your PIN ready with you. So, start the applications only when you enter your PIN in the required field.

  1. First, you must visit the link register now to start the application process.
  2. The SYEP application process starts in march month every year, and people can fill SYEP application form from this time.
  3. Fill in the essential and accurate details in your application form
  4. Now, it is time to submit your application form with the necessary documents to their mail id, [email protected]

This is how you can simply and easily apply for SYEP 2024 application.

What are the Application Requirements?

If you want to apply for SYEP application in 2024, you need to meet the following requirements.

  • Your family income should be 200% below the poverty level
  • An average GPA of 3.2 is required for the SYEP application
  • You should have the complete address
  • You should carry SSN
  • NYS driver license
  • Passport
  •  Birth certificate
  • You should prove your citizenship in the US and legally prove to work in New York City.
  •  Permanent resident card
  • Family income details for the past 6 months
  • NYS non-driver photo identity

Who is Eligible?

While every state and city has its age eligibilities, the age criteria to apply for SYEP application 2024 lie between 14-24 years. Moreover, it is suggested to make look at the city program to learn more about specific age criteria.

How to edit/Delete SYEP Application?

While filling out the SYEP application form, you can get a separate tab that permits you to edit the application if you still need to fill out the form completely or want to change any filled details.

From the page of edit your application, you have to log in to your SYEP account by login name and password, edit the details into your application, and save the new changes made by you.

Which SYEP provider should I choose?

Many providers can obtain your SYEP application from 16-24 years of age. The NYC youth and community development department give the SYEP providers list.

The list of SYEP providers that you should choose is divided into 5 categories. Every category has a different number of SYEP providers. The best SYEP providers you should choose to obtain your application are Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.


The SYEP application is the best way to find the right career and avail the best opportunities for success. If you also want to grab such amazing youth opportunities, please fill out the SYEP application form above.

How much do you get paid for SYEP 2024?

The participants involved in the SYEP program are able to earn a minimum wage of $15 per hour. They get the chance to earn this amount by working up to 25 hours every week for six weeks in July and August.

Does SYEP pay weekly?

Yes, the community of the SYEP program paid weekly participants based on attendance and their working hours.

Is SYEP an intern?

Yes, the SYEP program is an internship for people under 18. This internship only gives out to participants in the summer. The SYEP program assures people under 18 to get jobs through lottery systems.

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