TEACH Grant Application Guide – Are You eligible?

What do you know about the TEACH grant? A TEACH Grant stands for Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education. It is a program for undergraduate students wanting to become teachers. It helps the students to pay for college or join courses in the teaching field.

For this, the students are required to be taught any of the highly needed subjects. They also need to teach in school as a teacher approved by the education department to get a TEACH grant.

Every year, the graduate who gets TEACH Grant needs to verify that they satisfy the needs of the TEACH Grant by submitting documentation of teaching position to the federal department of education. There are some TEACH Grant Application Requirements which a candidate needs to fulfill to get a benefit of this program.

What is a TEACH Grant?

TEACH Grant application requirements

TEACH Grant is considered one of the financial aid programs that helps you to pay for your college if you want to make your career in teaching. To get the TEACH Grant, students must agree to teach the highly required subject in low-income areas where there is a shortage of teachers.

If your grant application is approved, you can get a teaching grant of up to $4000 annually while in school. Here are the eligible and required subjects you can teach to get the Grant.

  • Foreign languages
  • Mathematics
  • English language and bilingual education acquisition
  • Science
  • Reading Specialist
  • Special education
  • Or other subjects that are considered highly needed by the federal government

After your school, you should teach at a low-income school, you need to teach for a minimum of four years in an approved school, and you must also submit the documentation of your teaching position to the education department.

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How to Apply for a TEACH Grant application?

If you want to apply for TEACH Grant, you should submit a free application for federal student aid. It is suggested to submit  FAFSA earlier because there are limited funds remaining for specific grants later.

By submitting the FAFSA, you can apply for TEACH Grant every year.

  • For this, you should complete your TEACH Grant counseling (Initial and subsequent counseling)
  • To apply, you must also sign the new Agreement To Serve ( ATS) document annually. This document states the teaching commitment, grant conditions, and penalties if you later do not uphold part of the agreement.
  •  Students must also send a copy of their college admission test scores to the office of financial aid.

What Documents Are Required?

No matter which application you will fill out, there is a list of necessary documents to submit. If you want to apply for the teaching grant program, you have to submit some necessary documents with your application.

  • You have to submit your US residence proof.
  •  After completing your minimum of four years of teaching, you should provide the document of your teaching service to TEACH Grant, the provider.
  •   You must sign an agreement to serve the document every year when you want to get TEACH Grant.

If you do not provide documentation of your teaching position to the education department, your TEACH Grant application may not be approved, or you will not receive the grant.

Who is Eligible for a TEACH Grant?

If you also want to avail the Grant, you should be aware of the following eligibility criteria.

  • You have to meet basic eligibility criteria for federal student aid programs.
  • You must fill out the federal student aid program application form.
  • Have enrollment in a school that is involved in the program.
  • Have enrollment in TEACH Grant eligible program.
  • Sign to TEACH grant agreement to repay or serve.

Moreover, you should also meet the academic requirements to become eligible for the program.

  • You must score over 75% on one or more portions of the college admission test and maintain the minimum 3.25 cumulative point grade average.

How does a teaching grant work?

The TEACH Grant program provides grants to students up to $4000 every year who want to have a career in the teaching line. The teacher grant provides financial aid to students and helps them to serve in education.

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How many times can you get the teacher grant?

If your application is approved, you can receive a teaching grant of $4000 once a year. Every new year brings a teaching grant for students.

How long does it take to receive the teacher grant?

The students are required to attend the teaching grant counseling to receive a grant every year. The single session of teaching grant counseling may take 20-30 minutes to complete.

How much is the teaching grant?

The TEACH grant program provides a grant of up to $4000 to students every year who begin a career or have already completed the course in teaching.

When is the teaching grant distributed?

The teaching grant will be distributed to awarded students within five business days after confirmation that student-teacher grant applications are approved.

Do you have to repay the teacher grant?

If you do not complete the teaching service obligation, the teaching grant you get will be converted into loans you must repay in full amount, with interest.


The teach grant is one of the best federal financial aid programs that help students to pay for college if they are considering a career in teaching. In this program, every selected student gets a $4000 grant every year.

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