SA Youth Teacher Assistant Online Application Form 2024

The Presidential Youth Employment Initiative wishes to surge the number of jobs for unemployed youngsters that are residing in South Africa. There are certain lists that a person needs to take care of to apply for the job as an assistant teacher. 

The job comes with numerous responsibilities that a person has to fulfill to stay there. The individual has to assist the students in their lessons. Moreover, has to deal with a pupil that is upset or worried. Additionally, has to help in the activities in the classroom and support other teachers in day-to-day activities in the classroom.

All these come with a good salary. An applicant gets an approximate amount of R 12000 to R35000. The salary depends on several other factors of qualification and personal experience. The person that is applying should be working anywhere. Further, the applicant should not have applied for the previous phases. Follow this SA Youth Teacher Assistant Online Application Process to apply for it.

How to Apply for Assistant Teacher Application 2023?

teacher assistant online application

A person can get enrolled for the assistant teacher application 2024 in South Africa by following all these quick and uncomplicated steps. Follow all the steps carefully:

  • First, visit the youth website of South Africa
  • Then, make an account by joining the network and then add the details to log in.
  • There will be a complete list that can be seen on the screen. Further, there will be cards for the school. Check and look for the school that is within 5km of your residence. So, select the school of your choice.
  • Now, scrutinize and check the details for the job.
  • In case you find a job and location that you are entitled to. Then tap on the apply now button.
  • Next, scrutinize all the information and add the needed information for the application form.
  • After adding the information, ensure once again.
  • Tap on the submit button when all the information is entered and verified. 
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What are the application requirements?

There are a few points that are required to take care of before applying. Let’s see in detail:

  • The person should have a valid ID.
  • Only a single member of the family can register for the job.
  • A person should not reside more than 5 km away from the school that is allotted and 30 km from the farm schools.
  • A person should not be working or employed or getting any kind of salary or stipend.
  • An individual has to finish the training for the course to get enrolled as an assistant teacher.

Who is Eligible for Phase 4?

All the persons who fulfill the below-given list are eligible for Phase 4. So, scrutinize and follow cautiously:

  • The age of the applicant should not be under 18 and above 35.
  • The residence of the selected candidate should not extend five km from the school allotted. However, for farm schools, it should not cross 30 km. 
  • A valid and legal identity card is obligatory. 
  • The applicant should not apply if he/she is an employee. Moreover, only a single member of the family is allowed to apply.
  • An individual should not be pursuing any kind of course(full-time/part-time).
  • The training for the course should have been completed and the person must have got all certificates.

Application Deadline/Timeline

The last date for the application of the assistant teacher is 16 October 2022. Till this date, a person can fill out the form but make sure that you check the location of the school carefully. As the school should not be beyond 5 km from the residence. In addition to this, for farm school, the residents should not be more than 30 km from the school selected.

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How much do teacher assistants get paid in South Africa?

The median salary that a teacher assistant gets in South Africa is around R 23100 every month. The highest amount that is given is R35,300 and the lowest is R12000 for a month.

What is SA Youth Helpline Numbers?

A person can call at 0800 72 72 72 for any kind of assistance. The time to call this number is from 9 am to 5 pm. A person can give a call on weekdays. An individual can even send an email to [email protected] for any help.

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