Apply for Texas Utility Help Program Application [Guide]

The Texas temperatures soared high a couple of days back and that would mean some fat electricity bills for the season. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can save on your utility bills, read this article.

Teas recently, the government decided to reduce the load on people’s shoulders by rolling out the Texas utility bill funding program. It is essential to know that the program brings aid to only the low-income group in society.

What is Texas Utility Help Program?

People with disabled or elderly people as part of their household will receive the program benefits. Benefits will come around for electricity, natural gas, propane, telephone, water, and wastewater management.

With the help of the aid, you can pay off all your past overdue bills wonderfully and also have $2400 for your future. You will also be able to clear your overdue water bills along with $600 moving ahead from the time you apply for the aid. It was a low-income program that was hosting it to sort household electricity and water bill-related problems.

Who is Eligible for Utility Help Program?

Eligibility for the program depends on what the government decided apt for better distribution of the funds.

  1. Any family or household that earns at or below 150% of the Federal poverty level is eligible to receive these funds.

Refer to the chart for more information.

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  • Citizens must live in different counties within Texas.
  • To claim the fund, the citizens must be 18 years or older.
  • Family violence victims can expect a waiver on their electricity bill tariff.
  • At least one member within the family must be a qualified alien or a bonafide citizen of the United States.

What are the Application Requirements?

To meet the application requirements, you must follow the below points.

  1. Household income proof must be submitted for all members above 18 years old earning within the family household.
  2. Individuals will need to submit identity proofs as US citizens for at least one person within a family.
  3. You need to submit age proof if ever requested by the individuals.
  4. If you are applying, you will also need to submit your monthly utility tariffs to ensure your bills are thoroughly scrutinized before you are granted the bill amount.

Steps to Apply for Texas utility help Program application Online

  • Go online to apply for the Texas utility funds
  • Call 1-877-399-8939. You can call from Monday to Friday between 08:00 am to 05:00 pm.
  • Call the local CEAP office or service provider within your area.
  • Directly call or connect with the sub-recipient’s agency.

To apply online, you will need to head straight to their website.

Texas utility help program
  • Press the Apply Now tab.
  • Create an online account for yourself.
  • Include your personal information followed by other details.
  • For war veterans, invalids, the disabled, and the elderly there is a separate space where you can tag your proofs.
  • Include the bills and append your monthly bills.
  • Press on the Submit tab to complete the Texas utility program application.
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The benefit will include the following advantages under the scheme;

  1. Low-income families alongside elderly and disabled individuals will get priority for the funds.
  2. With this program, they also plan to train people on ways they can save their energy. You can get proper education on the ways one can save on gas, electricity, and water bills.
  3. They will render help also during supply shortages to these enrolled groups.
  4. When individuals undergo severe energy or water shortage crises, they will benefit from this program immensely if they are enrolled in it.
  5. Those who qualify will pay $12.75 less for their monthly telephone bill tariff.
  6. Compensation is for all the past debts on the behalf of these individuals.
  7. Additionally, the person will have $2400 for making future payments.
  8. For wastewater management, people can use this money to pay off their past bills and can keep $600 for further use.


Texas utility benefits wish to mitigate at least three to four higher paid-off monthly bills. You can easily find out if you qualify and if you do, then through the application, apply to claim it.

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