How to Apply for TN Promise Scholarship Application?

Tennessee Promise is a scholarship that assists candidates with the leftover tuition and also the fees that are given at TCATs. The organizations will conduct college nights and other programs so that candidates come to know about the program and they enroll themself. The amount that is given cannot be used for any book purchase or also for the charges that are paid as attendance fees. The attendance fees also include travel and gas charges. 

The amount is not given to the students as the organization provides directly to the TSAC and is given to the college for every semester. All the applicants need to be qualified for the program as the candidate has fulfilled the list that is mentioned below for the program. The authorities will not give direct funds to the applicants as the amount will be given to the college every semester. It is essential that students attend the meeting that is assigned for them to be entitled to the TN promise program if the applicant has finished the Mandatory TN Promise Meeting excuse form that they are qualified. 

How to apply for TN promise application

Who qualifies for the TN promise?

There are a few prerequisites of the TN promises. Some of them listen to below:

  • An individual who is a citizen of the U.S. that has graduated from high school can apply.
  • The applicants who are students and have attended a full-time program are entitled to the program.
  • The candidate should have performed mandatory community service of eight hours. 
  • The applicant regardless of socioeconomic status can apply for the TN promise application. 
  • The candidates should be qualified for the FAFSA. 
  • A score of 2.0 GPA is to be maintained. 
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How to Apply for TN Promise Application?

A person can apply for the TN promise application with the following procedure. So, scrutinize each step with utmost care:

  • Firstly, the applicant has to go to the TN Promise webpage i.e, and tap on the apply now option. 
  • Now locate the register option or sign in if you already are registered. The applicant can use an account that was at the dual enrollment class(high school)
  • Further, log in case the applicant is a new user. 
  • Next, finish the form by adding all the essential credentials. 
  • Check the box and agree(accept) all the conditions. 
  • Now, add the username and the password that was created at the time of logging in. 
  • There will be numerous scholarship programs, select the one whose application is to be accessed.
  • In addition to this, finish the scholarship program and list out the errors that are visible in red. Now, look at the email and ensure that it is correct. 
  • In addition to this, look after the application and continue and confirm that all the details are correct. Now, submit the application. 

What are the Application Requirements?

There are some of the application requirements that are vital for the TN promise. Let’s have a look:

  • The applicant has to provide the first and last name exactly the same as that is written on the social security card. 
  • An email address that is valid is to be mentioned. 
  • A social security number that is given on the social security card has to be provided. 

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  • There are approximately 27 colleges, 13 community colleges, and around 4 public universities where the applicant can use the Tennessee Promise.
  • It is expected that more than 25000 candidates will apply for the program which means around two-fifths(40%) of the graduating seniors.
  • All the candidates will get a mentor.
  • As all candidates are not qualified for the mentor the candidate has to be around 21 years and a proper background check will be conducted by the organization.
  • It is important that all the mentors that are selected are trained and can interact with students comfortably.
  • It is said that approximately 500 mentors will be chosen to work with the partnering organizations. 
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How to check the Application status?

An applicant can see the status of the application on the contact us page by adding all the details or can even mail it to [email protected]


Do you have to apply for a TN promise every year?

The application for the TN promise is entitled to five consecutive years(Community college) and eight consecutive trimesters in the case of TCAT until and unless there is a terminating event. 

Is it too late to apply for the TN promise?

To apply for the program the closing date was November 1 at the TN promise official portal. However, at the FASFA the candidate can apply till March 1. 

Is TN promise income based?

The TN Promise program is not formed on the income of the applicant. There are other criteria that must be fulfilled to get qualified for the TN promise. 

Does TN promise cover books & Online Classes?

Tennessee Promise is a program that does not proffer books and classes(online) to applicants for a specific course. 

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