UMES Land Grant Scholarship Application – How to Apply?

Scholarships are an integral part of a student’s needs. Most students cannot complete their studies if they fail to get a proper scholarship. The reason why most students do not apply or search for a scholarship is primarily attributed to their knowledge about it. Most students do not know about the different kinds of scholarships which exist to support students with monetary stress. Thus, today in this article, we talk of one such scholarship provision prevalent in the Maryland University.

Learn more about the UMES land scholarship from here.

UMES land grant scholarship

What is UMES land grant scholarship?

The School of Agricultural and Natural Sciences (UMES SANS) has begun the UMES-Land grant scholarship and is inviting applications for it. The program aims to facilitate the undergraduate students. The scholarship can help support students in their recruitment, retention and educational processes. With the availability of this scholarship program, universities have noticed an increase in the number of graduates in their food, and related agricultural field baccalaureate degrees.

The scholarship is backed by the US Department of Agriculture and National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).

What are the application requirements?

Your online application form must be supported with the following documents;

  • You must attach your resume
  • Add your educational transcripts
  • Incorporate your essay
  • Include the number of letters of recommendations.
  • A non-refundable fee of $3500 is also required for the application
  • Your standardized test scores must also go in.
  • A personal statement is also a must to submit.
  • You will need to also complete FAFSA in the process

Who is eligible?

If you wish to get the scholarship, you will have to apply for the program.

To apply for the UMES Land application, you must fulfil the following application requirements.

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High School student application requirementCollege/Transfer student application requirement
You must be a citizen of the United StatesOnly US citizens can apply for it
UMES has admitted the applicants ot they have applied for the programApplicants who have applied for the program or those who have been accepted can apply for it
A student cannot be enrolled in the program no later than one year from the admission dateA student cannot seek enrolment for the scholarship program after one year from the admission date.
Must choose either of the subjects- General Agriculture, Environmental Science or Human Ecology, Agribusiness Management.Streams in which a student needs to seek enrolment- General Agriculture, Environmental Science or Human Ecology, Agribusiness Management
A cumulative GPA of.8 u of 4.0 is a mustYou must have a GPA of .8 of 4.0
One’s intention must be to pursue a career in food and agricultural sciencesYou can apply for the program if you intend to choose a career in the food/agricultural sciences.
You must get 15 course creditsA total of 15 course credits is a must.

How to Apply for UMES Land Grant Scholarship?

You must complete the online application by first clicking on the link here.

  • Start by adding your email address and then add your first and last name.
UMES Business Grant
  • Include your citizenship status, legal address, and city name in the next segments.
  • Incorporate your state name, zip code and then gender details in the next few segments.
  • Next, include your cell phone number, home phone number and also your age in the given spaces.
  • Add your UMES application date, UMES student standing details and also UMES Student ID#
  • Include your GPA and also your prospective graduation date.
  • Incorporate your course of study and also name the high school you have attended.
  • After including all the details, you will need to next move to the following section.
  • Once you have added all the documents, you will need to submit the application form.
  • Add your educational details, and experience related to your stream. Also, incorporate your other essential details in the application.
  • You can also apply through the Common app, the Common Black College app, apart from the UMES standard application form.
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How long does application process takes?

You have to complete the UMES application all in one day as it is a Google form. You cannot save it to complete later. Thus, whenever you want to fill the information in the online application form, you must keep aside a few hours for it.

  • You have until 15th February as the priority deadlines.
  • The commitment deadline for the UMES application is 15th May.
  • At the same time, if you want to apply for the spring deadline, you will have until 1st December.

Grant Benefits

UMES application form will also open you for the UMES grants which can help you complete your studies. As benefits, you can cover the following using the UMES scholarship amount;

  1. Tuition fees is covered through the grant
  2. Fees of different types can also be covered.
  3. Stipend, living expenses and books will also get covered.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is UMES a land grant university?

Yes, it is for domestic students who have financial hardship and find it difficult to complete their studies. But the land grant is only for those who plan to participate in the agricultural stream within the university. It is not applicable for foreign students and students must fill up the FAFSA prior to filing for the UMES grant.

What is land-grant University in USA?

If the organization receives benefits of the Morrill Act (1862, 1890, and 1994as per the state legislature or Congress, it is known to be a land grant University in the United States.


If you wish to apply for the UMES Land Grant Scholarship, read this article that will tell you more about it. Remember, if you want to continue your studies in agriculture, agribusiness management and so on, but do not have enough to continue your studies, you must apply for the UMES grant. Only US students can apply for it and that too if you have either applied to the University of Maryland or have received an entry into it.

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