Apply for Wethinkcode application for 2024 [Guide]

South African youth unemployment issues are potentially on the rise and people are suffering from it since COVID-19. The government is trying to mitigate a lot of this steep rise and people are finding new ways to continue earning. There is at the same time, a growing need found in individuals to learn and move towards jobs in the software development domain.

Wethinkcode Durban promotes software development training and works well for those who wish to train themselves as software developers. Wethinkcode is a software development academy that takes up South African youth from varied regions and communities under its wings.

If someone is reading this blog right now, they can also apply for it given they are in South Africa. Additionally, there are other categories that one will need to fulfill if they want to get a job in South Africa in this domain that is being mentioned below.

wethinkcode application stipend

How to apply for Wethinkcode application for 2024?

To apply for the Wethinkcode application in 2024, here is what you must know.

  • Add your email address, and phone number, accept the terms and conditions, and also complete the captcha.
  • Add information in the next 3 steps by adding essential information to the prompts.
  • Submitting the application post this process will help the center to review your complete application in detail. Remember only when there are enough vacancies will they advertise it and you can fill in the application form.
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What are Application Requirements?

If you wish to fill out their Wethinkcode application form, these are the requirements you will need to address;

  1. An individual must be 17 and 35 years of age for filling up the application.
  2. Applicants will need to have a valid South African ID.
  3. You can also alternately submit a valid passport and work permit, or asylum seekers’ permit.
  4. You cannot manage or maintain any other job or studies apart from this coding program as this is taught on a full-time scale.
  5. You must also accept the privacy policy of Wethinkcode.

Who is Eligible?

If you want to be eligible, you will need to look at just a few eligibility criteria.

  1. A device that works well with the internet.
  2. If you do not have an email address, create one that works throughout your application process.
  3. A working mobile number with a South African SIM.

Wethinkcode Application Process

The following steps must be addressed to move through the Wethinkcode application process.

  • Start and complete the Wethinkcode application available on the website. Start by filling in all relevant details present on the application form.
  • Next, complete the online assessment arranged by them. As soon as your application is processed you will receive the online link. It is sent via email or mobile and one has to complete the entrance test to move ahead in the process.
  • Complete the boot camp selection process if you qualify for the above round.
  • Pass the interview for selection and complete the enrollment process. The final interview is where the decision about you will be made.
  • An invitation will finally be sent to you to complete the enrolment process. At this stage, one will have to sign all the different contractual documents before moving ahead with the Wethinkcode job offer.
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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

What is Wethinkcode contact details?

Wethinkcode can be contacted directly by mail and writing at [email protected] .

 To contact them by phone, call 010 599 0279.

Does Wethinkcode pay stipend?

Yes. Wethinkcode stipend is a sum of money that one gets for joining Wethinkcode and it is R2000 per month.


Individuals interested in a career in software can learn more from this organization about the way they need to handle software operations. Many individuals are attracted to the concepts taught by them and thereby are joining them more and more every day. But joining them would mean dedicating your whole time to the project as you cannot pursue anything else during this span.

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