Your Verve Credit card Reservation Number & Activation Link

Verve credit card is a card issued by the Bank of Missouri. Getting the Verve credit card is an easy process and is one of the best credit cards for first-time users to make a good credit history. A person can enroll for the Verve credit card at their website that is ( A person can apply for the Verve credit card online or can even reach the bank and fill out the application form there. For any query, customer care support is available for the applicants to reach, their number is 1-866-449-4514.

The credit score that is required for a candidate to get a Verve credit card should not be less than 550. The ideal credit score that is considered by the bank is between 550-680. The credit balance that an applicant receives for the first time is $500 and can also escalate the limit in 6 months by contacting them. 

yourverve credit card application

How to Apply for a YourVerve credit card?

The process for the application for a Verve credit card is quite simple and does not take much time. Scrutinize all the steps carefully and follow them:

  • Look for the website of the Verve credit card and open the website or a person can click
  • Moving further, there is an option for credit cards on the top of the webpage. Choose that.
  • Now, Click on “Apply Now”
  • Next, keep on scrolling down until you find the Apply Now option that is beneath the Verve Master Card option.
  • In addition to this, add all the vital information on the application form that is your verve credit reservation number, and also your social security number.
  • Look through the information once again.
  • Additionally, tap on the Confirm Reservation option that is provided on the application form.
  • At last, look through all the details/information on the webpage to finish the complete process.
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What are Application Requirements?

There are certain application requirements that are essential to qualify for the Verve credit card.

  • The date of birth is mandatory to provide.
  • The address where the applicant is residing is to be mentioned.
  • The complete name of the candidate that is written on the government-approved documents is to be written.
  • Social security number is obligatory for the application form of the verve credit card. 

How to get a Reservation Number?

The Yourverve credit card reservation number is requisite for the applicant that wants to apply for the credit card. A person can get the reservation number from the bank itself. In case a person cannot reach the bank then an individual can even make a call to the customer support number.

How to Activate YourVerve credit card?

Verve credit cards are managed by Continental Finance. This is one of the most advantageous credit cards for all the applicants who want to issue a credit card for the first time and wants to make a good credit history. The Verve credit card is issued with a credit score of a minimum of 550. The process to activate the verve credit card is uncomplicated. Let’s see the steps:

  • First, visit the website of your verve credit and activate, the card from there. 
  • Moving ahead, Tap on the menu bar and locate Activate
  • Further, simply tap on the “Activate My Card” where you find that.
  • An image will be visible that is shown below, just tap and activate.
  • Within one-two day, the card will be activated.
  • In case there is any problem, a person can call customer support at 1-866-449-4514
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verve credit card activate


What credit score do you need for a verve card?

The credit score that is generally needed for the verve credit card is not less than 550 and not more than 680. So, the credit score should be somewhere between it.

What bank does verve credit card use?

The bank that issues the Verve credit card is the Bank of Missouri. Continental Finance is a partner. The credit card comes with an initial credit of around $500.

How to contact verve credit card?

Once the card is issued it gets to activate the Verve card online but in case it is not activated or for any other assistance, an individual can call at 1-866-449-4514

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