3K Application 2024 Guide: Deadline, Requirements & Eligibility

A child’s brain development begins the moment he gets five weeks old. Year by year, the child’s brain becomes more capable. Ages 2 to 4 are the peak years when a kid can learn almost anything. Children grasp language and oration skills between these years only. 

Now, allow your child to benefit from these developmental years and enroll for the 3-K application. The program is specially curated for kids and provides them with a top-notch education. 

Let’s learn more about the 3K application and how to register it in 2024.

What is 3-K application 2024?

3k application Process Guide

3-K programs for children help them learn no-cost quality education in New York City. The full-day education helps toddlers grasp study-related concepts better. So, they become more capable of complex subjects.

This program is developed and most suitable for 3-year-olds. 3-K doesn’t stress children into studying but only builds an interest. 

The 3-K application is live now for the academic year 2023 to 2024. So, you must apply when your child turns three. The program is scheduled in 32 districts. People from these districts can apply and select what routine will suit their child. Furthermore, these routines are full day, full year, head start seat, and extended day and year. 

However, parents must know when the application for 3-K 2024 will open. Let’s look at when the 3-K application start in 2024.

When does the 3K application open in 2024?

3-K programs are all set for 2024, and call all three year old to be a part of it. The application is open, and you can visit the NYC Department of Education’s online portal to apply for your child. 

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The admissions are open for:

  • 3-K
  • Pre-K
  • Kindergarten
  • Gifted and Talented

According to this program, your child should be born in 2020. There are limited seats. So, start applying now.

3K application deadline

The 3-K application has already begun in New York City. The New York City Department of Education is receiving tons of entries. 

According to the recent updates, the deadline for this application is 10th March 2024. You can send applications between Monday to Friday. The timings are 8 AM to 6 PM. 

Visit ‘myschools.nyc‘ for more information or connect with them on email ID, i.e., “[email protected]” 

Read further to know the detailed application process if you are interested in enrolling your child in this opportunity.

How to Apply?

A single family can apply for more than one child. 

First, we’ll see the application procedures for a single child.

Method 1: Online

  • Visit the ‘myschools.nyc‘ website on any web browser.
  • Start filling out the form with the correct details.
  • Select languages from English, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, and others.

Method 2: Telephone services

  • Dial number “718-935-2009.”
  • The customer service associate will ask about your preferred language. You can select from 200+ languages. 
  • Ask the associate on the call for further assistance and guidance. 

Let’s glance at the application procedure for more than one child in a single family.

The online application process for enrollment of more than one child:

  • Create your account on the ‘myschools.nyc’ website.
  • Quickly select the children’s number on the MySchools dashboard.
  • You must also mention if you have twins or triplets. 

What documents are Required?

There are a few essential requirements that each parent should consider before applying to the 3-K program. The seats are limited, and the New York City Department of Education doesn’t believe in a first come first serve selection process. A child satisfying all the requirements can attend the 3-K program.

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Here is the list of requirements

  • Two address proofs
  • Child age proof, e.g., birth certificate
  • Immunization reports
  • Newest and updated report card
  • Income tax form for address proof
  • Drivers license
  • Rental receipt for families living on rent

3K Application Eligibility

Following is the list of eligibility criteria for the 3K application

  • Children must be born in 2020 and are seeking admission for the academic year 2024.
  • The child should be a New York City resident.
  • Parents must be ready for their child to learn the 3-K program online if the seats are full.


When is the 3-K registration for 2024?

The 3-K registration is online and interested parents must apply now. Its deadline is 10th March 2024 for October admissions.

When can a child start 3-K in NYC?

A three-year-old is ideal for the 3-K program in NYC. Your child must be born in 2021 for 2024 admissions.


Parents should not worry about their child’s selection in the 3K application. Anyone who meets all the requirements will be allowed for the 3-K program. Moreover, the NYC Department of Education adds your child to the waitlist when they rank high. 

So, register properly and enter your details correctly. 

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