Apply for Antares Reach Grant Program Application

Antares Capital provides funds to the person who needs to grow their business or expand the company. Antares also gives offers to invest the money in funds, separately managed accounts, and collateralized loan obligations. The company was started in 1996. The vision of the company was to become the pre-eminent player in the middle market private debt.

Antares Capital has opened a new application form for the Antares Reach Grant Program that begins on 6 July 2022 and the applicant can submit the form by 15 July 2022. All the applications will be reviewed from July 20 – September 30, 2022, and the final result will be announced on 3 October 2022. So make sure that the applicants fill out the form before the last date.

What is Antares Reach Grant Program?

The program is initiated for the small businesses where a grant of $20000 will be given so that these businesses can focus on their growth to the next level, performed by historically underrepresented entrepreneurs, and performing all vital services(community).

antares reach grant program application

Who is Eligible for Antares Reach Grant 2022?

There is certain eligibility for the business to get into Antares Reach Grant 2022, that is:

  • The yearly revenue should not be more than $5 million.
  • The business should have a strong plan to move forward.
  • Must have a demonstrated requirement of support.
  • The business should be the majority that is 51% owned or operated by the individuals who are categorized under the “New Majority” (Military-affiliated, Women, Disability persons,  LGBTQ+, People of Color).

An officer must have all the following eligibility to get into Antares Reach Grant 2022:

  • The age of the applicant must be 18 or more(19 in AL and NE).
  • The applicant must be residing in any of the 50 states of the United States or Puerto Rico or the District of Columbia.
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Before applying check the complete eligibility criteria and terms and conditions. 

What are Application Requirements?

There are numerous application requirements for the Antares Reach program so make sure you consider them before applying:

  1. The application can get disqualified in the following cases
  • In case there is any hatred, discrimination, unlawful, libelous, obscene, defamatory, indecent, or anything inappropriate in the application.
  • The application form is unsuitable or covers anything that breaches the official rules.
  • If the application form is given by a person who abuses the Antares program or the website that is Hello Alice website. 
  1. If there is any argument about who did the submission of the entry then the account holder who has the email registered will be deemed as the officer and the business information that is given will be the entrant in the Antares Reach Program.
  2. There can be a requirement for proof if officers ask you for identity(Account Holder).

How to apply for Antares reach grant program Application?

To apply for the Antares Reach Program, follow the procedure:

  • To get into the program an applicant is required to fill all the mandatory details in the form that has a number of questions regarding the Entrant and the Officer, the answers should be clear and concise. Follow these steps:
  1. Visit the Hello Alice website
  2. Further, make a new account or log in to the previous account 
  3. Now, add all the necessary details and after completion of the necessary details, submit the form.
  4. The complete list of the questions is available at
  • All those candidates that are eligible must submit the entries by July 15, 2022, by 6 PM.


There are ample advantages that the applicant receives at Antares Reach Grant Program:

  • The individual that will be selected will get recognition at Hello Alice or Antares Capital platforms.
  • The applicant who is chosen will get a grant of $20000 for his/her business.
  • After successful completion of the grant report within the period of 6 months, a person will receive an additional grant of $5000.
  • In case, the person is unsuccessful in submitting the grant report then he/she cannot use any money from $20000 and will not get an additional $5000 till completion of the report.
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Is Antares Reach Grant Legit?

There is no 100% surety that the Antares Reach Program is legit or not. It is advised to go to the official website and read all the information about the company before entering into any program.

How long does Grant program Application Process take?

Being a long process, the application of the person takes around 6 weeks. The time period depends on the type of the grant and also the time that the applicant has devoted to the application form as deep research and planning gives better results.

What is Antares Grant's Contact number?

An individual can reach the Antares Grant by sending them an email at [email protected]. The other option is to visit the official website of Antares Grant’s contact us page or a person can call at (312) 638-4000.

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