How to Apply for Hialeah Housing Authority Application?

Food, shelter, and clothing remain a challenge for many. While some manage to find clothes and food, shelter is difficult to build as it requires a huge amount of money today. Not all can afford to have shelter and this condition is a cause for concern in every state and country of the world.

In the United States as in many other nations, the government takes initiative to settle more and more people up with shelter above their heads.

Most often, the sufferers are critically from poor families and low-income groups who cannot manage to earn enough to buy a roof for themselves. Some of these programs are run in conjunction with the Federal government while others are run privately.

What is application?

Hialeah Housing Authority Application

The Hialeah housing waiting list came into existence in July 2008. It was decided that after the applications were submitted there would be a lottery where unanimously 2500 families will be selected for the program benefits.

There were a total of 60, 000 plus families who applied for the lottery, and the draw results were announced in 2017. Post this stage, they closed the pre-application process but despite that numerous applications poured in.

Priority was given to the elderly and the disabled with 10 points and 20 points for the perennially homeless people.

The Hialeah Housing authority application will come up again on 22nd August 2022 and will remain open from 09:00 am to 24th August 2022 until 04:00 pm. A total of 800 applications will be invited and pre-applications will also be available at the City of Hialeah offices. Telephone or faxed applications won’t be accepted.

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Who is Eligible?

There is a huge eligibility list that follows and to understand more of them, read the points below.

  1. No one applying for the program can be below 18 years of age.
  2. Each of the family members must provide their social security number in the application form.
  3. A state-issued or government-issued identification card needs to be provided with the application.
  4. For a one-bedroom flat, two people can apply and for a 2-bedroom flat, the maximum occupancy is for four.
  5. The family needs to verify the current income of the family members as well as the income of the past 6 weeks. The income details must be verified information that is either done locally or through federal agencies.
  6. The past 6 months’ bank statements and the income tax return filing details must go in with the application.
  7. The maximum income limit should not exceed the proposed Federal limits if a family wants to receive the benefits.
  8. If an individual was evicted anytime within the past 5 years they won’t be eligible for the application. Those who have been living in rent must provide their rental history for the past 6 months to one year.
  9. If the family has members with a criminal background record, they must explicitly explain it.
  10. Disabled individuals with service animals will be eligible for being a member of the rented home.
  11. Occupants need to pay rent timely to the owner and must be in such a position.
  12. They must not owe debts to the HHA.
  13. The family must not be sex offenders as a family.
  14. The individuals within the home must reasonably stay in a place and also maintain as well as oversee the place.
  15. They must be involved in creating any health-related hazards for the time period.
  16. The tenants should not damage others’ property in any way if there happen to be multiple tenants in a building.
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What are Application Requirements?

Applications for the Hialeah housing authority include the following details.

  1. Your current income details as well as the details for the past whole year.
  2. Rental details for the past six months to one year.
  3. Details of the number of people who would occupy the house.
  4. The social security number of all family members must be added to the application.

How to Apply for Hialeah housing authority application?

Use the following link to start the Hialeah Housing authority application.

Hialeah housing authority application
  • Read the information presented by them and check the box to start the application process.
Hialeah housing authority
  • Add the social security number, last name and date of birth at the beginning of the application.
  • Include the program for which you are applying and check on either the one or two bedroom space requirement.
application latest
  • Include the below information if you are the primary applicant or try to pass the information on their behalf.

Re-enter name, SSN, birth date, and gender as part of the personal information and also your disability status.


Include your race, ethnicity, and physical address details along with your contact details.

  • If you have more than one individual in your family, you will need to enter all the information in it about others.
  • You can continue to the next part of the application if you do not have anyone else.
apply form
  • Agree to the terms and conditions if you are fine to proceed to the closure of the application.
terms and agreement

Complete and close the application in the next step to move ahead.

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Benefits will include winning a position in the lottery. The following accommodation facilities will be covered as given in the table if chosen.

Areawise programs1 bedroom2 bedroom
Low home rent limit9141097
High home rent limit11691406
Fair Market Rents13321672
50% rent limit9141097
65% rent limits11691406

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to get on the Hialeah housing authority waiting list?

After the waiting list is generated you will still have to wait until approval. However, the pre-application is for the lottery that is held and only those who get randomly selected through the lottery will be eligible to be part of the waiting list until approved.

How long is the Waiting list for HHA?

The average wait period is 12 to 18 months straight from the time your name is chosen to be on the waiting list through the lottery system.


The primary factor to remember is the eligibility criteria for putting forth the application. If you match it, you will be able to apply for the pre-application phase. Only when you are chosen in the pre-application phase can you get the chance to be selected in the waiting list post which you can be approved.

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