VA Disability Payment Schedule 2024 Latest Updated Dates

If you receive VA Disability Benefits or payments then this article is for you. Because in this article we will tell you about the Disability pay dates for 2024, the latest updates, and rates, how to check payment status, and much more. So stay tuned to ensure that you plan your finances effectively.

On Dec 23, the VA Department shared important information about pay dates & rates. They have informed their beneficiaries that in 2024, beneficiaries can expect a 3.2% increase in their payments, but the key question is: When will those monthly checks be coming in?

VA Disability Payment Schedule 2024

VA Disability Payment Schedule 2024

In 2024, veterans receive tax-free payments through the Veterans Disability Benefit based on their health conditions, linked to military service.

These benefits are usually deposited on the first working day of the month. For example, the January benefit arrives on February 1st, February’s on March 1st, and so forth.

If the first working day falls on a weekend, veterans will receive their benefits on the last working day of the previous month. Here’s the payment schedule for VA disability pay in 2024:

MonthPayment Date
JanuaryFebruary 1, 2024
FebruaryMarch 1, 2024
MarchApril 1, 2024
AprilMay 1, 2024
MayMay 31, 2024
JuneJuly 1, 2024
JulyAugust 1, 2024
AugustAugust 30, 2024
SeptemberOctober 1, 2024
OctoberNovember 1, 2024
NovemberNovember 29, 2024
DecemberDecember 31, 2024

This table outlines the VA disability payment dates for 2024, providing clarity on when veterans can expect to receive their benefits each month.

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Payments vary based on disability percentages (10–20%, 30–60%, and 70–100%), and the amount may differ based on dependents. Recipients must confirm their Veterans Disability Eligibility for 2024 before receiving the payments.

How to check VA Disability payment status?

To check the status of your VA disability payment, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a Account:
  • Visit the official VA website at
  • Click on “Sign in” or “Create an account” to set up your account.
  1. Verify Your Identity:
  • The next step is to verify your identity. You may need personal information and documents for this step.
  1. Access your Account Dashboard:
  • Once your account is set up, log in to your account.
  • You’ll be directed to your personalized dashboard.
  1. Check Disability Payment Information:
  • Navigate to the section related to benefits and payments.
  • Look for an option like “Check your disability payment status” or “View payment history.”
  1. Use the VA Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System:
  • Call the toll-free number at 1-800-827-1000.
  • Follow the automated prompts to check the status of your disability payment.
  1. Contact VA Regional Office:
  • If you prefer speaking with a representative, you can contact your local VA Regional Office. You can find the nearby office on the VA website.
  1. Check the eBenefits Portal:
  • Visit the eBenefits portal ( and log in to your account. You can view your payment information there.

Remember, the exact steps and options might vary, so it’s recommended to explore your account for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your disability payments.


  1. Monthly Pay: Eligible veterans receive monthly tax-free payments, ranging from $165 to $3,600, providing them with a regular source of income.
  2. COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment): To keep veterans’ benefits in line with inflation and the economy’s growth, the VA adjusts disability pay rates. In 2024, the adjustment is 3.2%, aligning with the Social Security Administration’s COLA.
  3. Dependent Benefits: Veterans with a disability rating of 30% or higher qualify for additional compensation to support their dependents, ensuring the well-being of their families.
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Overall Impact:
In addition to these benefits, the system enhances financial stability for veterans and their families, improving their quality of life and reducing financial stress. Such support aids veterans in successfully transitioning from military to civilian life.

Contact Details

Need Help with Your Veterans Benefits? Here’s Where to Go:

  1. VA Benefits Administration: This is the main place for all your benefit questions. You can contact them online at VA Benefits Website or call them at 1-800-827-1000.
  2. Veterans Crisis Line: If you’re going through a tough time mentally, you can call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255. You can also text HOME to 741741 if you want to connect to a crisis counselor.

Stay Updated:
The USA keeps working to provide more benefits to veterans, so things might change. Stay informed about updates to ensure you’re getting all the support you deserve.

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