Georgia Tech Application [2024] Portal login, Deadline, Eligibility

Have you any information about Georgia Tech? Georgia Tech ( Georgia Institute of Technology) is considered one of the top 10 Public research universities. There are around 40,000 students who are studying at the campus of Georgia Tech.

This institute provides outstanding courses and programs to students, including design, business, science, and liberal arts. The mission of Georgia Tech is to develop leaders who improve human conditions and make technological advancements. The best thing is that every year, a number of students apply for Georgia Tech as first-year or transfer applicants.

Read the post to learn about the Georgia Tech application, with eligibility criteria, requirements, deadline, etc.

What is the Georgia Tech application portal graduate?

Georgia Tech Application portal

Georgia Tech application portal is the best way to explore college course options. You can apply for any of the admission options at this portal.

Here you get the options for first-year, international, transfer, non-degree, and dual enrollment admission to apply at the Georgia Tech admission portal. You can also visit this admission portal to register for programming and campus tours for admitted students.

How to login into Georgia Tech application portal?

If you want to log in to the Georgia Tech application portal, then here are the simple steps you should follow

This is the simple way to log in to your application portal online.

What is the Georgia Tech transfer application portal?

The Georgia Tech, transfer application portal, is open for students who want to transfer their admissions to Georgia Tech. This portal will assist you regarding the transfer admission process and provide brief details about Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech uses the Georgia Tech transfer application portal for transfer candidates. You can easily create your account here and apply for transfer admission at Georgia Tech online.


The Georgia Tech applications for the fall semester are open till 15 April. The spring semester applications are open till 1 October. And the Georgia Tech applications for the summer semester are open till 1 February.

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The applicant should have a high school graduate to qualify for the Georgia Tech application. A student applying for the fall term should have the high school graduate before the fall period for application opens.


If you want to apply for the Georgia Tech application, you must fulfill some requirements.

  • Credit hours

A graduate degree student in Georgia Tech should complete the minimum 45 quarter or 30 semester credit hours. It includes students who earned college credit by credit by exam and dual enrollment.

  • Official transcripts

If you are going to fill out the Georgia Tech transfer application, then you have to submit the official transcripts of your previous college. Applicants from a college outside of the US should submit the foreign credit evaluation with an official college transcript to qualify for Georgia Tech admissions.

  • English proficiency

If you want to transfer to Georgia tech, you should meet the English proficiency requirement. For this, you should show the official transcript of the competition on two English composition courses.

English competition should be equivalent to English 1101 and English 1102 at Georgia tech.

  • GPA ( Grade Point Average)

The minimum GPA requirements are 3.3 on a 4.0-grade scale for the college of engineering and college of computing admissions at Georgia University. And for the college of design, science, etc., the minimum GPA requirements are 3.0 on a 4.0 scale to qualify for Georgia Tech admissions.

How to apply?

If you want to apply for the Georgia tech, you have first to visit the official website,  After it, here are the few steps you should follow to complete this application process.

  • On the home page of the official website, you can see the apply button
  • When you tap on it, you can get the first year and transfer admission in choice
  • Once you choose the option for GT admission, you have to tap on “Start your application” option
  • After this, you have to sign up for your account by entering the email and password
  • To apply, you have to enter your personal information, including the name, email, contact number, and course at Georgia Tech in which you want to enroll
  •  Now, you have to tap on submit button and finish your application process

How to check the status?

Usually, Georgia Tech has an email and admission portal to give you admission-related updates. You can easily check your email to receive mail from [email protected]  for application-related queries. Moreover, the Admission portal and GT account are two places to check your Georgia Tech application status.

  1.  Admission portal
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The admission portal is the leading portal of Georgia tech, where you can

  •  Check the application status
  • Track your admission documents
  • See the admission decision take by Georgia Tech

How to set your admission portal?

  • Graduates get an email with step-by-step instructions to activate their admission portal on the next day of submission of their Georgia Tech application.
  • The remaining applicants can easily set up the portal when submitting the application.
  1. GT account

The applicants use the GT account to access their GT systems. You can use the username and password to access your GT account.

How to set your GT account?

You have to wait for one week after the submission of your application to set up your GT account

  • Visit the link: to set up your GT account
  • You get the username and password after creating the account. 
  •  After the account activation, you can check the Georgia Tech application status there.


Is the Georgia Tech application free of cost?

No, the application is not free of cost. The applicants must submit the non-refundable application fee of $75 to get Georgia Tech admissions.

Can you apply at Georgia Tech without SAT?

Official SAT scores are required of students who are enrolled at Georgia tech. IB, AP, or A-level scores are also required for students who seek college credit.


The graduate students applying for Georgia Tech applications are considered for fall and summer terms. You can easily apply for Georgia Tech programs by visiting the official website and following our guide.

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