Joint Yeshiva Application Process details – Requirements, Eligibility

Yeshiva University is world’s one of the premier institutions for higher study. The university belongs to the USA that offers multiple courses to students across the world. The admission process is selective, as 55% is the minimum rate which falls in 2019. Several students want to be admitted to this university, but it is pretty challenging to get admission here.

The academic calendar is semester-based, and loans and scholarships are applicable here. The university offers courses like MS, MIM, B.Tech, B.Sc, B.A, BBA, Business and management studies, humanities and social sciences, engineering, accounting and commerce, IT & Software, etc. Go through the article to get further details.

What is a Joint Yeshiva application? 

joint yeshiva application

Yeshiva application is a part of the admission process through which it welcomes many international students worldwide. Willing students can apply from the university’s official website as the portal is available there. The application fee is 65 USD. The difference is that students from other countries must face an interview to get admission.

Who is Eligible?

The university requires certain eligibility factors for students. All the universities have certain individual requirements that are most important for admission.

  • A student must have an academic GPA
  • Standardized test scores, and a
  • Rigor of Secondary School Record.
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This university requires ACT or SAT scores as a part of the application. As per the last year, 25% of students have been admitted here with a higher than 25% score, and more than 25% have occurred with less than 1160. The majority of students got admission with a score between these.


To get admission at Yeshiva University, all the students need documents like letters of recommendation, personal statements, required documents, and Transcripts of High school records, and they must go through the interview section.


Yeshiva University offers multiple courses deadline that needs to be followed by willing students. Several courses begin in spring and summer. Scholarships and loans are accepted here. All the students are requested to go through the official website for further details and note down the respective deadlines.

How to apply for Joint Yeshiva Application?

For the application, candidates need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Applicants must begin by creating their account in the online application. It will lead them to their personal portal, where they can submit their required documents, names, and contact details and will receive a link to upload their letter of recommendation.

Step 2: Applicants must pay the application fee i.e., $65 (non-refundable)

Step 3: They will be provided essay topics between 500-750 words

Step 4: Applicants need to upload their resume or extracurricular activities

Step 5: Official SAT, or ACT scores are mandatory for international applicants and optional for regular decision applicants.

Step 6: A letter of recommendation is mandatory, and applicants have to go through a face-to-face interview with YU Admission officers.

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FAQs Related to Yeshiva University

Can students defer their acceptance to Yeshiva University?

Yes, students can defer their admission to Yeshiva University.

What is the acceptance rate of Yeshiva University?

The acceptance rate of Yeshiva University is 67% for national and international students. 

Does Yeshiva University require test scores?

No, Yeshiva University does not require test scores. It is test-optional, so one can send SAT or ACT or leave the option (if one scores above average). 


Compared to other universities, Yeshiva University requires a higher SAT. Willing students must have marks between 1160 and 1410 (or higher). Students of this university need to join extracurricular activities with the university’s values. A student must have a GPA rate of at least 3.4. The university offers earlier decisions instead of early action. Applying early may increase the chances of getting into the university.

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