How to increase Anaheim Housing Authority rent?

Have you any information about the Anaheim Housing Authority? It provides quality and stable, affordable housing opportunities to average and low-income families in the local community.

This program provides the provision of Section 8 housing choice management and public house apartments to more than 6358 low-income families. In this way, this program supports healthy communities. Read the article below to learn about the Anaheim Housing rent, etc.

What is the Anaheim Housing Authority rent increase?

increase anaheim housing authority

As the name suggests, the Anaheim Housing Authority rent increase means the house owner will increase rent. For this, they have to inform the tenant 60 days in advance from the date when they increase the rent.

Remember that AHA only approves your rent increase request if you have a copy of the 60-day notice to your tenant.

How to increase anaheim housing authority?

To increase the Anaheim Housing Authority rent, you should review the following steps before submitting the rent request at the official portal.

  1. Print and request for rent increase

You have to take print of the rent increase form, fill it with the necessary details, and then submit the request to get approval from AHA for the rent increase.

  1. Check the rent rates in your area.
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AHA should ensure that your rent is reasonable compared to other housing rents in the same area. If your request shows that you increased the rent to more amount than the rent of other comparable units, then your application will be rejected by AHA.

  1. Review the recent rent rates.

Ensure that you do not ask for a higher rent amount than the recent rent amount you charge from your lenders.

  1. Ensure that you give them enough notice period.

Submitting the rent increase notice in written form to your tenant is essential. The valid AHA copy is also attached to it 60 days advance before the date of a rent increase. It is suggested to notify AHA and the tenant at the same time that you are going to increase rent. 

  1. Look at the AHA confirmation that your request has been received

You can get AHA’s letter acknowledging your request within two weeks.

  1. Wait for approval from AHA before doing a rent increase

Keep in your mind that rent does not increase are not approved automatically. When you request a rent increase, AHA should conduct rent. The results of the rent determine whether your request is approved or not. This result review process usually takes 30 days.

How much should be a rent increase?

The landlord only allows increasing the housing rent by 10% every year. It is not the standard rent increase. The percentage increase in housing rent also varies based on the agreement made between the tenant and landlord.


Usually, the Anaheim Housing Authority rent request is submitted by landlords to increase the rent for tenants. They have to give notice to the tenant 60 days in advance regarding the rent increase.

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Does Anaheim, CA, have rent control?

No, Anaheim, CA, does not have control over rent. It only applies to a tenant residing in their home for a long time.

Can the landlord raise the rent on section 8?

Yes, the landlord put the rent increase request on sector 8. For this, they must submit a rent increase request to your local section 8 offices.

How much can my landlord raise my rent in Anaheim, CA?

Mostly, the landlord increases the rent by 5% every year. Because of the same terms and conditions between landlords and tenants, some landlords charge 10%.

What is the amount a landlord can increase the rent?

Landlord can increase the total rent amount of the house by 10% at an interval of 1-2 years.

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