Michigan EITC Supplemental Check Eligibility (2024)

This week marks the commencement of an important initiative benefiting lower-income residents of Michigan. Approximately 700,000 individuals in the state are set to receive supplemental checks, each averaging around $550. These checks are going to people who earned a special tax credit called the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) in 2022.

The EITC, designed to assist individuals with low to moderate incomes, aims to provide financial relief to those who work but earn modest wages. To qualify for this credit, they look at how much money your household makes and how many kids you have.

Michigan EITC Supplemental Check

Eligibility Criteria:

For the 2022 tax year, married couples with three children qualified for the EITC if their combined income was below $59,187. Similarly, individuals without children could qualify if their earnings fell below $16,480.

Legislative Change:

Recently, Michigan passed a law in March that made changes to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Now, instead of getting back 6% of the federal tax credit, people in Michigan can receive up to 30% back. This significant increase aims to provide more substantial support to eligible taxpayers.

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Distribution Process:

So, who can expect to receive these supplemental checks? Recipients include taxpayers who qualified for the EITC in 2022. The Michigan Department of Treasury will automatically send these checks to eligible individuals based on information from their 2022 tax returns. No further action is required from the recipients to receive the checks.

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Amount of Supplemental Checks:

The amount of the supplemental check is calculated based on the remaining 24% of the tax credit, as individuals who claimed the EITC in 2022 already received a 6% credit. On average, each recipient can expect to receive approximately $550.

Distribution Timeline:

Checks will be sent out by mail gradually over the next five-to-six weeks. It’s essential for individuals who have changed addresses since filing their 2022 tax return to update their information to ensure the check reaches them at the correct location.

Future Implications:

Looking ahead, it’s crucial for eligible taxpayers to understand their entitlement to the Michigan EITC going forward. Beginning in February, the Lowering MI Costs Plan will permanently increase the Michigan EITC to 30%, retroactively applying to those who claimed the credit on their 2022 Federal Tax Return.

Eligibility: To continue receiving the Michigan EITC, taxpayers must meet certain conditions, including earning income, meeting federal EITC eligibility requirements, and filing both state and federal tax returns while claiming the EITC on both.


Do I need to apply to receive the supplemental check?

No, eligible taxpayers will automatically receive the supplemental checks based on their 2022 tax returns. No additional application or paperwork is required.

How will I know if I'm eligible to receive the supplemental check?

If you got the Earned Income Tax Credit last year, you might get an extra check. The Michigan Department of Treasury will check if you’re eligible using your tax form from last year.

Can I update my address to ensure I receive the check?

When can I expect to receive my supplemental check?

The checks will start going out this week and continue to be sent out little by little over the next five to six weeks. Be sure to keep an eye on your mailbox during this time.


In conclusion, the distribution of supplemental checks for the Michigan EITC serves as a significant step in providing financial support to lower-income individuals and families across the state.

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