Chime SSDI & SSI Payment Schedule 2024 Dates

If you’re getting Social Security money and are curious about when it arrives then you are in right place. Today, in this article, we will tell you everything related to the Chime SSDI & SSI Payment schedule.

The payment date depends on the type of payment you’re getting. If it’s only Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), then your payment date is linked to your birthday. But if it’s Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you usually get paid around the start of each month.

Chime SSDI & SSI Payment Schedule

Chime SSDI Disability Payment Schedule & Dates

As I told you, when you get SSDI payments, the day you receive the money depends on your birthday: Let’s understand this with a table.

Birthday RangePayment Day
1st–10th of the monthSecond Wednesday of the month
11th–20th of the monthThird Wednesday of the month
21st–31st of the monthFourth Wednesday of the month

If your birthday falls in between the 1-10th of the month then you usually get the payment on the second Wednesday of the month and respectively.

And if you’re getting benefits based on your spouse’s or parent’s work record, the payment date is based on their birthday.

Now Let’s understand this payment schedule more in deep with the following table.

Complete Chime SSDI Payment Schedule for 2024

The table provides the payment schedule for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) recipients in 2024 based on the range of birthdays. The information is organized into three sections based on the day of the month recipients can expect to receive their payments:

  1. Birthday Range (1st-10th):
  • Lists the range of birthdays from the 1st to the 10th of each month.
  • Corresponding payment days in 2024 are provided in the adjacent column.
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For example, if a person’s birthday falls in the range of January 1st to January 10th, they can expect to receive their SSDI payment on January 10, 2024. Similarly, the table provides payment dates for individuals with birthdays in different date ranges throughout the year. This information helps recipients know when to anticipate their SSDI payments based on their birthdates.

Birthday Range (1st-10th)Payment Day in 2024
January 1-10January 10
February 1-10February 14
March 1-10March 13
April 1-10April 10
May 1-10May 8
June 1-10June 12
July 1-10July 10
August 1-10August 14
September 1-10September 11
October 1-10October 9
November 1-10November 13
December 1-10December 11
Birthday Range (11th-20th)Payment Day in 2024
January 11-20January 17
February 11-20February 21
March 11-20March 20
April 11-20April 17
May 11-20May 15
June 11-20June 19
July 11-20July 17
August 11-20August 21
September 11-20September 18
October 11-20October 16
November 11-20November 20
December 11-20December 18
Birthday Range (21st-31st)Payment Day in 2024
January 21-31January 24
February 21-29February 28
March 21-31March 27
April 21-30April 24
May 21-31May 22
June 21-30June 26
July 21-31July 24
August 21-31August 28
September 21-30September 25
October 21-31October 23
November 21-30November 27
December 21-31December 25

Who will Receive SSDI Payment on the 3rd of the Month?

Next, let’s learn who will receive the Social Security benefits on the 3rd day of every month.

So, if you are one of those who started receiving SSDI Benefits in 1997 or even earlier then you are the one who will receive the payments on 3rd of every month, regardless of your birthday. If the 3rd day falls on a weekend or some holiday then don’t worry, your benefits will be deposited on the next preceding banking day.

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For 2024, here are the payment dates for those who started receiving benefits in 1997 or earlier:

MonthPayment Date

Chime SSI and SSDI Combined Payment Schedule

If you are one of those who are getting both SSI and SSDI Payments then you’ll get your SSDI & SSI payments on the 3rd & 1st of every month respectively. If there is a holiday on that day then you will receive your payment on the next working day. If you want to change the date of your SSI or SSDI payment schedule then you can also do so by contacting them and it will be most likely be based on your birthday.

Haven’t Received SSI Check? This is what you can do

If you or anyone of your known haven’t received your SSI check or deposit on their scheduled payment date then you must contact the Social Security Administration. They will surely assist you.

Getting Your First SSI Check? This is when you should expect it

If you’re newly approved for SSI, it typically takes about a month, but for some, it might be three to seven weeks. So, be patient if you are receiving your first check.


Understanding when and how Social Security payments arrive is crucial for recipients. This guide breaks down the payment schedules based on SSDI, SSI, and combined payments, making it easy to grasp.

  • SSDI Payments by Birthday: Your SSDI payment date depends on your birthday, ensuring a straightforward schedule for recipients.
  • 2024 SSDI Payment Schedule: The detailed table simplifies payment dates, categorized by birthday ranges, offering clarity for planning.
  • 3rd of the Month Payments: Pre-1997 SSDI recipients can expect payments on the 3rd of each month, with adjustments for weekends or holidays.
  • Combined SSI and SSDI Payments: For those receiving both SSI and SSDI, this guide outlines a clear schedule for both payments, with potential date changes.
  • Addressing Missing SSI Checks: If a check hasn’t arrived by the 4th banking day, recipients are advised to contact the Social Security Administration for assistance.
  • First SSI Check Timeline: Newly approved SSI recipients can anticipate their first check in about a month, with a potential range of three to seven weeks.

This guide provides a simplified roadmap for Social Security recipients, ensuring clarity and ease in understanding payment timelines. If you have any doubt feel free to comment below.

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