How to Apply for Hello Alice Grant 2024 (Complete Guide)?

COVID-19 has left many businesses paralyzed and devoid of support they are plummeting on the edges. Profit is something many have not seen as they try hard to remain even. Help is provided by many organizations but not everyone can count on such help. In such situations, Hello Alice is bringing in a lot of help to a handful of people in this sector.

If you wish to find out more about the Hello Alice Grant, here is a bit about it.

What is Hello Alice Grant?

Hello Alice primarily functions as an online community and provides backup access and funds to small businesses. With these funds, the businesses can get funds, and find resources with help and support from different business owners. The group currently has 513, 963 members and it is still growing. In the first round, 50 businesses got funding from them.

With Hello Alice, you get connected to a group of people who can help fund your business. The application process is easy and personalized recommendations come forth for it.

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How to apply for Hello Alice Grant 2024?

Official website

There are almost 50 questions that you will need to fill in for the Hello Alice Grant 2024. Answer all questions to answer more about you and your business. Mention the business type, business design, purpose, requests, and requirements with plans for the grant money.

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Eligibility and Application Requirements for Hello Alice Grant 2024

Your eligibility and application-related requirements will include fulfillment of the following conditions.

  1. The annual turnover of your business should be less than $1M.
  2. Your business must be a pro-profit business for technology and tech-based resources.
  3. The business must be committed to its customers and community.
  4. Businesses have not yet received funding from angel and venture investors.
  5. 51% of the business is to be owned by women.
  6. Grant fund usage must be clearly chalked out as part of the Hello Alice grant 2024.
  7. You must be from a society that needs attention like marginalized genders, war veterans, and people of color, LGBTQ+ communities, the disabled community, and also other communities.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

How much is the award money for Hello Alice?

With Hello Alice, you can get a grant of almost $50000. Generally, you will need to submit a detailed plan on how you wish to manage your business with the money in hand.

When is the deadline for review of the Hello Alice grant 2024?

The last date of the application is 05th August by 06:00 pm (fresh dates will be updated soon) and the review period is to follow soon after. You will hear back by October if you get selected in the process.

How can you use the Hello Alice grant?


Hello Alice organizes grants in 2024 of many types and is always for different businesses. If you too have a business of one or the other kind, check with the group if that can help you in any way. Also, learn more about their grant programs and seek one if you need it by applying for them.

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