Apply for Scottish Power warm Home discount Application 2024

Scottish Power Home Discount is a scheme that is initiated by the government. In this, the rebate is provided to the households in their energy consumption charges. The program began in the year 2011 in the UK. Generally, the rates that are charged for power consumption are 16.5 to 18.9p per kWh. The assistance is given in the winters when the usage of the energy usually surges. 

A person has to register himself/herself to qualify for this program. In case an individual has applied for the current year then an automatic rebate is not given for the next year. Every year a person has to apply to get the advantage of this program. When the program began the discount was £120 but later on, it increased to 140. 

There is a general query that is done by the applicants that in case the energy supplier is changed in between the year then will a person is entitled to the rebate. The answer is “No” a person has to apply again to get enrolled for the Scottish Power Home Discount. An individual can contact customer care assistance at 0800 027 0072 for any kind of query.

What is the Scottish Power Home Discount?

It is a program that is government packed to provide assistance to all the homemakers that feel it hard in paying the energy bills during the winters when the consumption of energy usually escalates. This scheme was initiated in the year 2011 and from then its motto is to diminish fuel poverty in the UK.

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Earlier £120 was given as a discount for the heating allowance. However, with this scheme, the warm discount that is now given is £140. There are several other privileges that are proffered along with the discount in this program. An individual needs to apply for this discount application every year to receive the benefit of this program. 

scottish power warm home discount application

Who is Eligible for it?

To get qualified for the Scottish Power Home Discount, an individual has to fulfill all the requirements. Let’s have a look:

  • The applicant should be among one of the consumers of energy on the date mentioned by the company which is  04th July 2021.
  • An individual must be receiving pension credit.
  • The total earnings of the person should be under £16,190.
  • There should be a minimum of one child at a home that should be below 18 and that must be in full-time education or a child below 5 years or should be qualified for school meals(free)

What are the Application Requirements?

A person has to accomplish all these below-given points to get registered for the power Home Discount. Let’s dive:

  • Among both the partners one should be Scottish Powers domestic consumer.
  • The applicant must be entitled to a Pension credit or a saving credit. 
  • The company(Scottish Power) should be supplying you with energy on 04th July 2021.

Apply for the Scottish power warm home discount application

An individual can apply easily for application of the Scottish power warm home discount for the year 2024. Follow all these steps to finish the application:

  • At first, the information is to be shared with the Department for Work and Pensions to check whether you are entitled to the discount or not. 
  • Further, the Scottish Power may send a letter asking for documentary evidence of the benefits that a person has received. In case the applicant fails to provide the evidence within the time period prescribed by the company, then the rebate will not be paid. 
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There are several advantages that an applicant gets from the warm home discount. Let’s see in detail:

  • The applicant gets a rebate from this energy supplier
  • A discount is given in winter when consumption is more. 
  • £20 was escalated with the motto of assisting consumers.
  • The application process is simplified so that more and more people get the advantage. 


Does Scottish power offer a warm home discount?

The Scottish Power proffers a great discount as a warm home discount. The amount that is received as a rebate is  £140.

When to apply for a warm home discount Scottish power?

A person can apply for a warm house discount at Scottish power in the month of August and September most of the time. However, there is no specified period that is announced by the company.

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