How to Check TruConnect Application Status?

Matthew Johnson and Nathan Johnson are the two people who are behind this mobile virtual network provider. They established the famous TruConnect service in the year 2011. The company does not restrict to any area as the services are provided nationwide. The headquarters are present in Los Angles. The company deals with a plethora of services to customers. There are a few free and reasonable services also provided to the customers.

A person can easily apply on the TruConnect online portal to get the network. Within just four to seven days the application gets approved, in case a person is qualified for the service. The company also proffers replacement service to the customers if the gadget is having any technical problem within the warranty. Although, there is no replacement for any stolen or lost gadget. 

What is TruConnect?

TruConnect is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). The company deals with the selling of mobile phones, data plans, and mobile hotspots, and also gives calling and texting services to consumers. There are a few plans that give poor people lifetime free service but there is a qualifying list. There are other affordable connectivity services in which entitled applicants get discounts on internet services as well as smartphones and other gadgets. 

TruConnect also proffers unlimited data to the customers by paying $55 per month. There are a few other budget plans also but in case a person wants to use unlimited data then this is a good plan for them. A T-Mobile network is used by the company to provide services. This network gives great coverage so this is one of the reliable and efficient network service providers.

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truconnect application status

How to Check TruConnect Application Status?

There are ample ways that the customers can choose to see the TruConnect Application status. There is a free customer care number, a person can call on that for assistance, the number is 1-800-430-0443. The customer care representative will provide complete information about the application. 

Further, a consumer can visit the online portal of TruConnect. Just locate the Check Application Status there and tap on that to view the application status of TruConnect. The company also sends Emails to the applicants once the application for the TruConnect service is approved. So, an applicant can also check Email regularly for the TruConnect application status.

How long does the TruConnect Application Process Take?

An applicant has to scrutinize the TruConnect application carefully. Once the application for TruConnect is finished and submitted. Then the TruConnect application takes around one to two weeks to work on the applications. There are a few ways that an applicant can use to know the application status.

A person can simply give a call to the customer care service for application status. A person can activate the new sim by placing that on the mobile phone. There are a few on-screen prompts just follow them carefully and in sequence. After a few minutes of work, the sim card is ready to use and calls and texting can be done now. 

Is TruConnect free?

TruConnect provides some free services to people of low income. A few affordable plans are also launched by the company. A person has to pay the charges as per the service that is opted by the customer. However, there are a few opportunities that are given to the customers to win numerous prizes. In one of the prizes, TruConnect has announced to give a free EBB Tablet to the customers. Although, there is a complete list that a person has to qualify to get the TruConnect free tablet. 

The company also proffers a few extra free data services to its customers. For instance, in an ACP plan, the customers are given 14GB/4G Lite data. Along with this, 8 GB of additional data is given free of cost. Similarly, with another plan that gives 12.5GB of 4G lite data, an additional 8 GB of data was provided. So, in short, the company provides some free services to the applicants but it is not completely free of cost. 

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Is TruConnect legit?

As per the given data on the numerous websites by the consumers, TruConnect is found to be legit. However, a person should do complete research before moving ahead with TruConnect plans and services. 


Is TruConnect safe?

Yes, TruConnect is found to be safe as per the current review of the customers. There are a few other sources found on the TruConnect high authority website.

How to contact TruConnect customer service?

The company provides assistance, as TruConnect has a customer care service that is available from Monday to Saturday. A person can call them from 5 AM – 9 PM PST. The customer care contact number is (800) 430-0443.

How long does it take to get your TruConnect phone?

In case the application of your TruConnect phone is approved. Just in four to seven days, the company sends a TruConnect phone. 

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