How to Apply for SSS Online Loan Application 2024?

SSS proffers loans to all the persons who are actually members of SSS. Earlier the loan was handed to the person in cash but now the account is linked and the amount goes into that. Moreover, the amount granted as a loan depends on the contribution a person has made till now. The Social Security System members are actually qualified for short-term loans so that they can meet the needs that do not require many funds. 

The interest is based on the diminishing principal balance, and the amount of interest that a borrower actually has to pay is 10%. A person can also opt to renew the loan but there are some conditions attached. So scrutinize that carefully. The first one is the minimum half the principal amount is paid back and also half of the term has lapsed. The proceedings of the renewal loan should be more than or equivalent to zero till the time the pending(outstanding) amount on the prior loan is deducted.

What is SSS online Loan Application?

The social security system provides loans to all the persons who are entitled as well as members of the SSS. A member gets the benefit of an sss calamity loan, an sss pension loan, an sss online educational loan, an sss online emergency loan, and also an sss salary loan. The applicant has to just fill out the application form online at loan online application. This is quite easy just open the portal and look for the sss online loan application member login. At this option add all the details and it’s done. 

SSS Online Loan Application

How to qualify for an SSS loan? 

A candidate has to fulfill the eligibility list that is set for an SSS loan to qualify. The points are as follows:

  • The candidate that is applying should be in the payment contributions.
  • The age should not be above 65 of the applicant.
  • A borrower requires a minimum of 2 photographs.
  • The person who is asking for the SSS loan should be at present a self-employed, employed, or voluntary member.
  • No benefit from this loan will be given to retired personnel.
  • Further, persons with disability and death are not entitled.
  • The applicant is qualified for one month or two months salary loan only.
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SSS online loan application requirements

There are some prerequisites that are set for the borrowers by the SSS. The list is given below:

  • All the employees that are at present employed, self-employed, recruited, or are voluntary members. 
  • The employee who is presently working must be in the payment contributions. 
  • There is no benefit to the members in case of applicant comes under permanent disability, death, or retired category. 
  • The applicant must have at least 2 valid Identity proofs and that must be submitted to a nearby office. 

How to apply for SSS Online Loan Application?

To apply for the online loan application of the social security system(SSS). A candidate has to follow all the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  • The applicant has to first log in to SSS online portal. 
  • Further, tap on the E-Services. 
  • Now, locate apply for a salary loan and click on that.
How to apply for sss loan
  • Moving ahead, the loan amount will be deposited into the bank account. So, select the UNION BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES or a bank account that is enrolled under the UMID-ATM.
  • Next, add the above-mentioned details on the page that are mandatory as money will directly get transferred to this bank account. After adding the details tap on enroll bank account.
  • Moving Further, add the mailing address on the new SSS member portal. For that open Simply tap on my information and the update information. 
  • Add all the essential information on the first page that was under the e-services. 
sss online Loan apply
  • Add the amount, and employee details that are asked. 
  • Tap on Proceed. There will be the next page with a disclosure. 
  • At last, there will be a small box just tick on the option “I agree to the terms and conditions”. Ensure that you have read all of them carefully. This will be a system-generated disclosure.
  • Tap on submit to finish the loan application form and the form is submitted for the SSS loan application. 
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There are ample privileges that a borrower gets with the social security system. Let’s see a few of them:

  • The employees get benefits on maternity and paternity leaves.
  • Unemployment benefit is also given in case the candidate has involuntary out of a job, so a loan is provided till a person founds a new job.
  • A certain amount of retirement benefit is also given to SSS employees. An amount of P1,200 is given for 10 years of service and double is provided for 20 years of service. This is an additional pension amount that a person receives every December. 
  • A sickness allowance is also given to the employees. This is valid for 120 days in a complete year.
  • To all the employees salary loan privilege is also provided. Under this, an ROI of 10 percent is charged. Moreover, an applicant can also renew the loan when half of the amount is paid. 


Is legit?

As per the information available on the internet and on So from there, a person founds that it is legit. Moreover, a person should check carefully before moving ahead with SSS.

How to check the sss loan application status online?

To check the application status online, the process is quite simple. 

  • Just visit the online portal of the sss application. 
  • Now work on the sss application member login. 
  • Add the details that are obligatory. 
  • There will be an option of status generated. Tap on that.

Where to apply for an sss loan online?

A person can apply for an sss loan online at the official portal that is Just add the obligatory and vital details and submit the loan application. Ensure that you have scrutinized the eligibility list. 

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