How to Check my Credit Report with ITIN number?

ITIN number is the identity of a person that assists in paying federal tax. The individual tax identification number is issued to all applicants who want to contribute to the economy of the US by paying federal tax but are not qualified for the SSN number. The SSN number varies from the ITIN number and cannot be used as a replacement. Both the numbers are 9-digit but the SSN number is the most important among both. The ITIN number is issued by the Internal Revenue Service to the applicants who are qualified for the same. 

There are several privileges that a person gets with the ITIN number such as the applicant can pay taxes, open a bank account, and get a loan from the bank, it acts as a legal identity of a person, and the candidate can also pay for his/her online accounts. There are no charges that a person has to pay to get the ITIN number. There are some application requirements that the applicant must read before applying for the ITIN number otherwise it will be rejected due to ineligibility. 

If the ITIN number is not used for filing taxes for three consecutive years then the number will expire. For instance, in 2022 the ITIN numbers that are not in use from 2019 to 2021 will get expired. In case the ITIN number of a person gets expired then it can be renewed by paying a nominal fee of $30 and if the applicant has not used the number in three consecutive years then, in that case, the applicant has to pay $50. The applicant can apply online for the renewal of ITIN. The ITIN number remains the same after the renewal as is the identification number of the applicant. In around 6 weeks, the applicant gets the renewal of the ITIN number done. 

how to check credit report with itin

How to Check my Credit Report with ITIN?

Although, a person can find it difficult to obtain a credit report with an ITIN number or without an SSN number. However, there are bureaus that can help in obtaining a credit report. Let’s discuss the procedure to get a credit report with the TransUnion credit report. Follow the points carefully. 

  • The candidate has to reach TransUnion customer service.
  • There are certain details that are obligatory to add to get the credit report. The information includes:
  1. ITIN number
  2. A driving license 
  3. A photocopy of the current utility bill
  4. Lease agreement photocopy
  5. A bank statement must be issued in the name of the applicant. 
  6. Any other government-issued identification card. 
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The applicant can choose to fill out the application form at the official webpage of TransUnion or can even mail the application to TransUnion, P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19016.

Can I check my credit score with an ITIN number?

The candidate can see the credit score with an ITIN number. There is a complete procedure and various bureaus that assist in getting the credit score. The applicant can choose from the following below-mentioned bureaus. Some of these are:

  • Equifax Reports
  • Experian 
  • TransUnion

From all of these, the candidate can apply and ask for a credit report by sending the application to the mail address or by filling out the application online. The report for the same gets delivered to the applicant in just a few days. 

The applicant can also check the credit score from the bank. There are a few banks that have made a simple way and with that, the applicant can see the credit score on their banking app. So, check if your bank also provides this privilege or not. 

How to check a credit score with an ITIN number?

It is quite hard for a person to get a credit score if he/she does not have an SSN. There are still some bureaus that can assist in getting that but there are a few guidelines that are needed for the copy of this credit report. Let’s have a look:

  • Experian: This is one of the options that an applicant can go for. To get this the candidate has to send a request by mail and it should the following items. 
  1. A photocopy of the ID.
  2. A bank statement that must include the name. 
  3. An ITIN number
  4. Lastly, a photocopy of the rental payment or utility bill must be new/current. 

The application should be sent to Experian, P.O. Box 9701 Allen, TX 75013. After a few days, a report from Experian along with the credit score will be delivered. 

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Can I have an ITIN and a social security number?

The applicant who is already having a social security number does not get an ITIN number. In case the candidate applies for the same and the system starts processing the application. Then the system will come to know that the applicant is already having an SSN number so the application for the ITIN number will be rejected with a code error. The ITIN number is needed in all the below-mentioned cases:

  • The candidate has come to the US and does not have legal status in the country. 
  • The candidate who is living in some other country but earning income in the U.S.
  • The applicant is an international student in the country. 
  • The candidate has temporary status in the U.S. 
  • The person who wants to pay federal taxes but is not entitled to SSN. 


Does ITIN build a credit history?

The credit history is based on mailing address and also SSN so there is no assurity that ITIN can assist in building up the credit history. The best way is to see the website to know about this or call the customer service number. 

Can I build credit with an ITIN number?

The candidate can possibly build credit with the ITIN number. Earlier the applicant can build that with only the SSN number but now the ITIN number also helps. With the ITIN number, the applicant can also open a bank account and can also ask for a loan from the bank. 

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