How to Apply for Visa with VFS Application (Complete Guide)?

VFS means Visa Facilitation Services Global. This is the largest visa outsourcing firm worldwide where all the work related to visas, passports, and other services is done except for giving any judgment related to visas. There are currently 3530 centers for applications that are working in 143 countries. The company is working on 5 continents. The majority of company shares are held by Blackstone. 

The company works for biometrics also which is needed for all types of visas. Since 2007, more than 108.95 million biometrics have been done. The center works for the benefit of 65 client governments. The staff at the VFS center is highly trained to handle customers and all the services are generally automated and quick. The system at the VFS center is quick and synchronized with each other to avoid any sort of time delay. The main source of revenue for VFS Global is the fees that the center collects from a massive group of applicants. 

Zurich(Switzerland) and Dubai(United Arab Emirates) are the headquarters of VFS Global. There are umpteen career opportunities that the company offers at all centers so one can check and grab the opportunity. All the updates regarding visas and others can be taken by making a call, mail, and even by opting for a paid SMS service. Although the company recommended time to check the status of the passport is usually 20-25 days and the minimum time that VFS Global gives to the applicants is two weeks. 

An applicant can contact VFS Global for any kind of inquiry or any issue regarding the collection and dispatch of a passport. The main objective of VFS Global is uniformly processing visas and letting the applicants know the status of their files at any point in time. A person can easily track the status of his/her application form by applying online and adding some vital information to the online form. 

How to apply for visa with VFS application?

Visa with VFS Application

There is a simple process that a person needs to follow to apply for a visa along with the VFS application. Let us see in detail:

  • Select the visa type that you want to get registered for. 
  • Now download the visa application form, take a printout, and add all the obligatory information.
  • Now, take an appointment at a suitable time and select the visa center.
  • Pay your fees. 
  • A person can submit the visa application form online or can choose to submit it at the VFS center.
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How to track visa status online with a VFS application?

A person can track visa status online in numerous ways. Let’s check them out:

  • Firstly, a person can opt for paid service that keeps updating the visa status.
  • A person can message the VFS center along with the passport number.
  • The applicant can even call the helpline number for status.
  • An applicant can add the reference number in case he/she wants to get updated about the status.

How do I track my VFS application?

There are umpteen ways to have a quick look on the VFS application. Let’s see a few of them:

  • A person can track online by adding the reference number and date of birth.
  • An applicant can opt for a paid SMS service that keeps updated.
  • The tracking number can be added to track the VFS application page.
  • A person can mail at the official id of VFS is [email protected]
  • An individual can also call the helpline number.

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How can I track my VFS passport status?

An individual can track the VFS passport status with the help of tracking tools. Let us see the complete process in detail:

  • An applicant can apply for the SMS service by paying an additional amount. In this service, an automatic update message will be sent to the applicant on the registered mobile number if there are any changes in the status of the application. 
  • A candidate can send an email to the official id of VFS Global to ask for the passport status.

Note: A person can choose the option of courier service to receive the passport at the registered address or can choose the option of collecting the visa application on your own. Ensure that the person checks the courier service at the VFS center where the passport is submitted. 

How to contact VFS customer service?

An individual can contact VFS customer service in multiple ways. Let’s dive:

  • Customer service helpline number: +1 800 320 9625.
  • An individual can tweet at @VFSGlobalCare.
  • A person can send an E-Mail: [email protected].
  • The applicant can add the information on the online form for assistance.
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The requirement to check visa & Passport status

A person requires certain documents to check their visa and passport status.

  • A reference number is required to check the status.
  • Date of Birth of the applicant

These two are major requirements to check the status. In case the reply is 

Invalid Input: This means that the credentials that are entered are not correct or the visa application has not been processed yet.


Is VFS safe to use?

VFS Global is working in more than 143 countries and five continents. Additionally, VFS is safe to use as per the people’s opinion on the websites. The company is also known for its authentic services.

How much time take to check passport status on VFS?

The VFS takes around 20-25 days to check the passport status. The firm clearly states a period of a minimum of two weeks but the actual time depends on the number of files and number of requests for status checks.

Can we track visa status online?

Yes, a person can check the status of the visa application conveniently with the help of a global tracking system. The status got updated when your passport is all set for dispatch.

What is the reference number in VFS Global?

The reference number is written on the receipt that is received with the visa application center. This number helps in tracking the status of the application.

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