Global Capital Partners Fund Reviews, Complaints 2024

Getting loans at your rate of comfort is a challenge for many. There are many people who cannot pay at the rate the loans offer to receive return payments, and there are also many who don’t even want the payments to be done at that rate.

For people in large businesses, customized loan policies are a blessing. One such scheme is provided by the Global Capital Partners fund.

What is Global Capital Partners fund?

The Global Capital Partners Fund can lend money to people in a customized fashion where not just the amount you need but also the way you return is fixed by them. It has a range of over $1 million to $50 million in loan sizes. Additionally, they are constantly upgrading themselves each day. They also offer metered parameters more elastically than others.

They are efficient in providing as per the needs of different sectors and particularly specialize with real estate investors and business owners of various such companies.

Global Capital Partners fund Reviews

They come with thirty solid years of experience where they have provided direct help to the hard money lending team.

They provide different types of loans, which include investment property loans, hard money loans, even commercial ones, fix-and-flip loans, new construction loans, and refinance or other kinds of cash-out loans.

They cover a range of different kinds of properties, which include single families, multi-family homes, offices, apartments, retail, and hotel or mixed-type properties.

The GCP funds asset building, bridge financing, construction financing, and even developmental sites and the hospitality segment.

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If you wish to know the advantages of having them, here is what you must know:

  • The loan-giving process is quick.
  • Taking extra resources from them is not hard.
  • Having the facility of in-house underwriters is an added bonus.

Global Capital Partners fund complaints

Several scam reports are available for Global Capital Partners Funds on the website, where people directly implicate them for the loss of money. But not everyone agrees to it. There are a lot of factors that lead people to write a negative review. Some of these reviews revolve around several different facts people encounter in life.

If these complaints have to be mitigated, then people need to understand how the GCP works to benefit their clients. But most importantly, people have to check their rules and regulations, even though they might appear far more flexible than others.

Contact Details

You can also call their toll free number at 1-800-514-7350.

Additionally, you can send them a mail at [email protected].

Also, you can fax them at 516-299-9133.

Office Address

To contact them, you can either try reaching out to them at their mailing address: 555 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1501, NY, NY 10017.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it Legit?

The loans have been offered by the company since its inception. Different clients can get different kinds of loans from them. They also customize packages and make things easier for their clients. Legitimacy is not a concern one needs to worry about when dealing with Global Capital Partners. They have been in business, helping millions, for a long time now. If you want to find out more about them to ascertain if your loan process can become a success, you can try going to their site to manage the details you want.

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Is Global Capital Partners fund a scam?

The Global Capital Partners fund is not a scam, as many people every year benefit from their services. However, there aren’t many positive reviews of their work on their website. Facebook reviews and their site reviews are so few, yet they have been operating for the past thirty years. But, people also need to notice that a great review is not the only criteria to use to judge a company. There are many other criteria that make it a better or worse company.


Here is a detailed report on the Global Capital Partners Fund schemes. If you wish to find out more about their authenticity, reading this article might help clear up your doubts. Basically, this company gives loans the right way. If you ever come across them, you can first find out the details around your loan type and then proceed with them. Having a good idea of your interest rates and loan amounts is a must.

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