HISD School Choice Application 2024-25 [Complete Process]

Houston ISD has started accepting applications for the 2024-25 school year. This means that families can now apply for various magnet schools and specialized programs within the district. It’s an opportunity for families to choose the best educational options for their children.

To apply, families can visit the HISD School Choice official website and select up to 10 different programs for their children. These programs include magnet schools. This application process is crucial for families looking to find the right academic fit for their child in the coming school year.

hisd school choice application

HISD School Choice Application Process

The application process for the HISD School choice will occur in three phases. In the first Phase, the applications for the program will be accepted, and then through the lottery system, the student will be selected for a program. Let’s learn more about the different phases from the information given below.

Three Parts of the Application Process: Phase I, II, and III: The application process is divided into three parts.

Phase I:

  • Application and Lottery: In Phase I, students and parents apply for programs. If more students qualify than there are spots available, a lottery is conducted to determine who gets into each program.
  • Notification: The deadline to apply for Phase I is Feb. 23. The lottery results will be shared on March 26.
  • Acceptance Deadline: Students or families must confirm their acceptance of the school assigned during Phase I by April 9.

Phase II:

  • Waitlist and Additional Choices: If applicants don’t accept a spot in Phase I, they can join the waitlist for another available school during Phase II. Phase II begins on March 26, but the closing date is not announced yet.
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Phase III:

  • Open Spots: In Phase III, the students will still get an offer for a seat if space is available.
  • Waitlist Closure: However, waitlists will be closed at the end of Phase III.

HISD school choice application Important Points

  • Preference Ranking: The district suggests applying in Phase I and ranking schools by preference.
  • Equal Chances: Students have an equal chance of getting into their preferred school whether it’s their first or last choice.
  • Applying to More Schools: Applying to more schools does not increase or decrease the chances of getting into a particular school.
  • Choosing Time: Families have time to think and decide before accepting a spot.
  • More Chances: Even if you don’t get in at first, there are more chances in Phase II and Phase III.
  • End of the Process: After Phase III, the process is closed, and no more waiting lists.

In simpler terms, families should apply in Phase I, and rank their preferred schools, and even if they don’t get their first choice, there are chances in later phases. The district emphasizes that applying to more schools doesn’t affect the likelihood of getting into a specific one.

It’s like applying for schools in three steps. First, apply and maybe win a spot. If not, join a waitlist in the second step. If there are still spots later, you might get another chance. But remember, it all ends after the third step.

1. Different Learning Opportunities:

  • What it Means: HISD wants to give students different ways to learn. They have special programs for things like career education, arts, and STEM (science, tech, engineering, math). Some schools are just for very smart students, and there’s a different process to get into those.
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2. Vanguard Magnet Schools:

  • What They Are: These are special schools for super-smart students. You need to qualify to get in, and it’s a bit different.

3. Pre-K Enrollment:

  • How It Works: For younger kids (Pre-K), you don’t need to apply. There are rules about where you live (zoning), but later, you can apply for different schools.

Getting Help:

  • Help Sessions: HISD will teach families how to do the application. They’ll have sessions and things like videos to help you.
  • Resources: HISD has a handbook for parents, videos with info, and a hotline you can call if you need help.
  • Encouragement: HISD says, “Apply early and say which schools you like the most. This way, you have a better chance of getting into the school you really want.”

Contact Details

School Choice Office(713) 556-6734
Email[email protected]
Official websitewww.houstonisd.org

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