SHP Sleep in Heavenly Peace Application Process Guide [2024]

Sleep in Heavenly Peace, established in 2012, is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)3 that delivers children’s sleepy beds to poor kids. Now, people needing beds for their young kids can apply online. SHP NGO delivers the beds after selecting the recipients from all applications. 

So, let’s learn more about the “No Kid sleeps on the floor in our Town”.

What is sleep in heavenly peace application?

sleep in heavenly peace application

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is a charity organization, which is now accepting applications under the “No child sleeps on the floor” program to provide children beds. Its primary motto is to ensure that no child in the US experiences uncomfortable nights by sleeping without mattresses. 

According to the SHP organization’s survey, thousands of kids in each community sleep uncomfortably. Such kids develop many health issues in children. Additionally, it affects their self-esteem. 

SHP organization fundraises funds through several programs to ensure that all children get beds. They have partnered with the government, religious places, i.e., churches, and other national organizations. Also, the NGO provides pillows, toys, and food with beds. 

Now, allow your child to get rid of bedlessness nights and apply at Sleep in Heavenly Peace. So, we’ll look at the eligibility criteria for the SHP application.

Are You Eligible?

Sleep in Heavenly Peace always looks to help children who spend their childhood without comfort. Additionally, uncomfortable sleeping arrangements make a child’s life miserable and create severe health problems.  

Following are the eligibility criteria a family should meet to apply at Sleep in Heavenly Peace:

  • The ideal child age criteria are 3 to 17 years. 
  • The family’s location should be close to SHP’s active chapter. Visit ‘’ to navigate nearby establishments.
  • The family’s living conditions should be massive enough to fit Sleep in Heavenly Peace’s beds. 
  • You must register at the Sleep in Heavenly Peace application with an active contact number and Email ID. SHP contacts you regarding your application details. So, they require ways to connect with you, primarily through texts.
  • You must have the necessary documents as a part of the SHP process.
  • Candidates must be ready to sign Indemnification Release Form once their children get a bed.
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What are the Application Requirements?

As soon as SHP gets an application from a needy family, they review it and ensure that satisfies all the requirements. In addition, SHP’s decisions are based on children who require beds the most. 

Below are the SHP application requirements:

  • Families of needy children must stay close to the SHP organization’s active chapters. 
  • Families must have legal documents, i.e., US Identity Cards.
  • Children should have legal parents or caregivers who are applying for beds. 
  • The age requirement for children is 3 to 17 years.
  • Families applying for beds must have address proof, including rental apartments.

So, these were requirements that every family must satisfy. Sleep in Heavenly Peace organization scans each application and ensures that the neediest children get bed comfort. 

Note: Families can contact the Chapter President if they face challenges in the application process. Locate a nearby SHP chapter and connect with its president.

Finally, let’s glance at the Sleep in Heavenly Peace application process.

Apply for a free twin bed – Sleep in Heavenly Peace Application

Follow the below given Step-by-step instructions for applying for beds at SHP.

  1. Launch the ‘‘ website on your web browser.
  2. Begin with filling out basic information. Provide your relationship with the children.
  3. Parents or guardians must enter their details, such as first & last names, phone numbers, email IDs, alternative phone numbers, addresses, states, delivery cities, postal codes, and country.
  4. Input the number of bed requirements.
  5. Fill out other information and click on Submit.


What does Sleep in Heavenly Peace do?

Is Sleep in Heavenly Peace a Charity?

SHP is a charity organization that generates adequate funds from people to provide kids’ beds, toys, and pillows.

How did Sleep in Heavenly Peace start?

Luke Michelson started this organization by doing charitable work and delivering a single bed to needy families. Today, Sleep in Heavenly Peace has 200+ chapters and has built almost one lakh beds for the family.


The NGO operates in the United States. Presently, it has 200+ organizational chapters in the US. These are volunteer-led chapters that help young children get luxury or comfort through Sleep in Heavenly Peace. Furthermore, they interact with National Organizations to reach and help poor kids. 

They have made the application process straightforward, allowing every impoverished family to get bed access. So, apply now the steps mentioned in the article.

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