Apply for Air Traffic Controller Application Online [2024]

Air Traffic Controller, abbreviated as ATC, is the backend professional that takes care of the navigation of the radar, map-reading of the aircraft, and other radio communications. The exact work of the employee depends upon the location they are working at. ATC has got job responsibilities at the control centers, at airport towers, etc. They are responsible for the smooth travel of the aircraft and perfect guidance to the pilots. It is the job of great concentration and accuracy. Let’s head toward and read what this job requires and what are the steps required to apply for the ATC role.

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How to Apply for Air Traffic Controller Application?

There are several positions you can apply for as Air Traffic Controller. These positions include Approach Controller, Aerodrome Controller, Area controller, RAF controller, etc. To apply for the Air traffic Controller application, you need to follow certain steps. There are different procedures at different stages. Passing each stage will only let you appear for the new one. To apply:

  • Get Qualified

The first step in the admission procedure is to get qualified in 10+2. After this one can take any degree in the fields of electronics, technical, or computer science. The graduation degree is asked during the filling of the application form. Maintaining 60% in all subjects is advisable.

  • Pass the entrance exam

The next step is to sit for the ATC (Air Traffic controller) entrance test. The questions asked during this exam are related to reasoning, aptitude skills, general awareness, English proficiency, comprehension, and critical thinking.

  • Preliminary Test
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After the written test, you need to pass the voice, medical tests, and personal interview. This is one of the most crucial stages. You have to be clear about the responsibilities, skills, capabilities, English speaking, and professionalism.

  • Undergo Training

After you pass the preliminary test, you need to undergo training. The fess will be credited to you for the same.

  • Get some Experience

After qualifying all the stages, and tests, and completing the training, you are then ready to join a post as per your qualifications and experience.

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ATC application Requirements

  • Technical Degree for a high-level position
  • Full name, last name, and corresponding address
  • Valid Identification proof
  • Physical fitness report
  • AAI ATC pass result

Who is Eligible?

The eligibility for the job position is based on certain important criteria given below: 

  • Must be a graduate
  • A person with a technical degree always gets a special preference
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Should be able to stand with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) medical standards.
  • Should pass the cognitive entrance test
  • Have at least five General Certificate of Secondary Education at grade 4 or above. This also includes Maths and English.

Job Benefits

The service men out there are subjected to many benefits from the Air Traffic Control system.

  • They get premium pension schemes, which get validated after the person’s official retirement.
  • The individual also receives family schemes, voluntary benefits, child care schemes, at all levels.
  • Every individual is subjected to paid leaves as well as unpaid leaves according to the gigs laid down by the company.
  • Extra salary for the expenses during the training period.
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Air Traffic Controller Salary

Air Traffic must be controlled 24 hours a day, so shift operations are conducted. Every individual works for 36 to 45 hours per week in the assigned shifts. 

There are different packages for different ATCs. Trainee Air Traffic Controller earns up to £17,000 with NATS. A weekly package of salary is also given to the trainees to pay for their expenses. These expenses include the fees of their training in the colleges as they have to attend it on compulsion. 

After the training period ends, the trainee can earn within the range of  £37,014 to £41,253 (location dependent). Once you become an experience ATC at a certain position and have substantial knowledge of £100,000 (including shift pay) at NATS units.


Is Air Traffic control a government job?

The employees may or may not be a government employee. If the private sectors hire the Air Traffic Contoller is not said to be the government employee.

Do Air traffic controllers need a degree?

Yes, the ATC needs to have a graducation degree (technical degree preffered). The controller should maintain 60% in every subject and 65% if english subject is included. 

what is an Air traffic controller job?

It is the backend job such that the controller needs to navigate the radar system, pass the directions to pilots, navigate the aircrafts and keep eye on every skyline operation going under the system.

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