Bank of America Student Leaders Application [2024] Dealine

Bank of America is offering a unique paid summer internship for high school students to enhance their leadership skills, gain experience, and earn money.

Bank of America Student Leaders Application

In this article, we’ll discuss in detail the topic “Bank of America Student Leaders application process.” This will help the students to gain detailed knowledge about this internship program. We will discuss the steps involved in the application process, eligibility, and the requirements.


The application deadline is Jan. 17, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. Students who apply will be notified of their application status by April 2024.

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Bank of America Student Leaders Acceptance Rate

This program receives thousands of applications from students across the country every year. No one wants to lose this internship opportunity. The acceptance rate for the Bank of America Student Leaders Program is between 5% and 8%.

The Bank of America Student Leaders program is a great initiative by the company to support young students/leaders across the United States.

The internship program runs during the summer, and it offers a paid internship to the selected potential students at a local nonprofit organization.

Participants not only gain hands-on experience but also get a chance to attend a week-long leadership summit in Washington, D.C., where they connect and learn from influential leaders and gain insights into civic, social, and business issues.

Eligibility Criteria/requirements:

Let’s discuss the eligibility criteria of this program.

  • Only fresh students who have not been selected for this internship program before will be eligible.
  • Students who applied before but were not selected can reapply if they are eligible for this program.
  • Students who applied in a previous year and were not selected can reapply if they meet other eligibility criteria.
  • Students must be currently juniors (11th-grade students) or seniors (12th-grade students) in high school.
  • Only students who are legally authorized to work in the USA without requiring sponsorship until the end of September 2024 are eligible.
  • Students need to participate in a continuous 8-week paid internship program at a local nonprofit/charitable organization.
  • Participants must agree to work 35 hours a week.
  • Selected candidates need to participate in a week-long Student Leaders Summit that is going to be held in Washington, DC, on July 22-27, 2024.
  • Students with good character who participate in school activities will be considered first.
  • If any member of your family is an employee of Bank of America, then you are not eligible to apply for this application.
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Application Process:

The application process for the Bank of America Student Leaders program involves the following steps.

  • Interested students need to visit the official Bank of America website.
  • On the official website, you will get each and every detail about “How to Apply.”
  • Fill out the form before the deadline.
  • Provide information about academic achievements and extracurricular activities in the application form.


The Bank of America Student Leaders program stands as a testament to the belief that young leaders have the power to shape a brighter future. This opportunity will help the students in their personal and professional growth. The program equips students with the tools they need to become positive change-makers.

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